Video of the Week: “Worlds Greatest Sinner” Music Video J.T. Productions (Re-edited)

EDITOR’S NOTE 04/10/15: Did I call that?? Let this be a lesson, folks. The World’s Greatest Sinner is NOT in the public domain. It is owned and copyrighted by Absolute Films and Timothy’s estate. Please respect that.

Hmm. Let’s see how long this one stays up. It’s scenes from The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962) as background for some music tracks by some groups with “monkeys” in their names. It was created by J.T. Productions. As there are about one thousand outfits calling themselves J.T. Productions on the internet, I have no idea who these guys are. The video is interesting, anyway.

I imagine a cease and desist letter is in this outfit’s future, so enjoy while you can!

Video of the Week: Marti Domination and Beaut: Take My Hand at PARTICIPANT INC.

I think I can state without fear of contradiction that this is the most unusual tribute to Timothy you will ever see. The Dead Flowers exhibit at PARTICIPANT INC several years ago used Tim’s work as a springboard for several performance pieces and other artwork exploring the iconoclastic creative spirit. One of the most memorable of these was Marti Domination in a gold lamé gown reminiscent of Tim’s outfit from The World’s Greatest Sinner. She and guitarist Paul Twinkle comprise the band Beaut, and they presented this piece at the show.

Well – there you have it, folks. I don’t know much about performance art, but I know what I like. And I like this. Enjoy! And don’t forget to add the Dead Flowers book to your collection if you have not already done so.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

To celebrate the birthday anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his legacy to the African-American community, I’m re-posting this entry from October of 2013. I still can’t get over these pictures. They are such a treasure.


I am so. excited. to be bringing you today’s pics. Thanks to my new Facebook pal Juan Ibáñez Mateos, from beautiful Barcelona, Spain, we are presenting some candid photographs of young Timothy that I can pretty much guarantee you have never seen before. They were taken at an unknown venue by an unknown photographer sometime in the mid-1950s. It looks like there is some kind of song-and-dance talent competition going on. The Johnny Otis Band is going to town in the background. And Mr. Timothy Carey is owning the room.

Tim and the Johnny Otis Band, mid-50s





The fellow who gave these pics to Juan was apparently unaware that Tim was even in them. They have a marvelous LIFE magazine quality. In the James Dean article from Movie Stars Parade magazine, Tim tells Dean that he spent a lot of time at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles. I’m willing to bet that these pics were taken there. And, of course, we’ve all got to wonder – did Tim win the competition? Eternal thanks to the unknown photographer, the friend who passed these on to Juan, and Juan himself. I am just blown away by this unexpected glimpse into the life and times of young Tim. I’ve been walking around with a goofy grin on my face since yesterday. It’s showing no signs of going away anytime soon. I hope you love these pics as much as I do.

Video of the Week: “The Bloody Brains – Alligator”

Oh boy, here’s another one that you’d better catch before it disappears. The Bloody Brains are a fierce garage/punk band out of Los Angeles. The audio here is the band performing the classic The Us Four tune “The Alligator.” The video is – well, I don’t think I have to tell you.

The music matches the action quite well! I always maintained that Timothy invented the mosh pit and crowd-surfing with Sinner. It just might be true. Enjoy!

Pic of the Day: “He’ll Never See Daylight” revisited

Today’s pic takes another look at Matty Trifon, the gangster who enjoys nothing more than taking his friends out to dinner and stuffing them with yummy food. He appeared in the very first Baretta episode, “He’ll Never See Daylight”. It first aired on January 17, 1975 and was directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski.

He'll Never See Daylight - 1975

I am fairly certain that the actress portraying Matty’s confused girlfriend is Judith Hanson, who is helpfully listed in the credits as “Girl”. I am also fairly certain that she is the same Judith Hanson who is now a country singer with a CD entitled Even Perfectly Nice People Go to Jail. She has this to say on her CDBaby artist page: “I was a child entertainer and became a top model in New York. I did national commercials and then went to Hollywood where I worked on television and some movies. I started writing songs for a very unusual reason and it turned into a business. Now I own my own publishing company, Hanson Payday Publishing, and I’m ready to cash in my chips!”

Video of the Week: “Moonrock Mambo” by Yo La Tengo

Thanks to Careyphile Eric Levy over at the Criterion page, I have discovered a contemporary song that name-checks Timothy! Check out “Moonrock Mambo” by Yo La Tengo, and pay close attention at about the 3:02 mark.

I knew these guys were cool, but their coolness factor just shot up a thousand points in my book. Sweet!

Video of the Week: “Song for Lilly Christine” by Big Rude Jake

As I head off this morning for my second BurlyCon experience, I leave you with this video that I’ve shared before (but I have a feeling you won’t mind too much). Timothy arrived in LaFitte, Louisiana in the fall of 1956 to begin filming Bayou. He had an unusual assignment from the film’s producers – he had to learn to “dance real wild.” In New Orleans he asked a cab driver to help him out. The cabbie took him straight to Leon Prima’s 500 Club in the French Quarter. A stunning, statuesque burlesque dancer by the name of Lilly Christine, billed as “The Cat Girl,” was performing there. Tim returned to the club every night for a week to watch her dance. I’m sure he needed little persuasion to conduct this kind of research. After all, it was for the good of the film, right?

This is a beautiful gallery of stills accompanied by the awesome tune Song for Lilly Christine by the one and only Big Rude Jake. Posting will probably be sporadic for the next five days or so. Enjoy!