Pic of the Day: “Fade In to Murder” revisited

Ending the week is another look at Tony, the frustrated actor/deli owner of the Columbo episode “Fade In to Murder.” We first met Tony on October 10, 1976. Here he is being held up as part of an elaborate murder plan by arrogant TV star Ward Fowler (William Shatner).

Fade In to Murder - 1976

Another great Columbo episode (the last of the three in which Timothy appears), directed by the one and only Bernard L. Kowalski.

Pic of the Day: “He’ll Never See Daylight” revisited

Today’s pic takes another look at Matty Trifon, the gangster who enjoys nothing more than taking his friends out to dinner and stuffing them with yummy food. He appeared in the very first Baretta episode, “He’ll Never See Daylight”. It first aired on January 17, 1975 and was directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski.

He'll Never See Daylight - 1975

I am fairly certain that the actress portraying Matty’s confused girlfriend is Judith Hanson, who is helpfully listed in the credits as “Girl”. I am also fairly certain that she is the same Judith Hanson who is now a country singer with a CD entitled Even Perfectly Nice People Go to Jail. She has this to say on her CDBaby artist page: “I was a child entertainer and became a top model in New York. I did national commercials and then went to Hollywood where I worked on television and some movies. I started writing songs for a very unusual reason and it turned into a business. Now I own my own publishing company, Hanson Payday Publishing, and I’m ready to cash in my chips!”

Pic of the Day: “Quaker Girl” revisited

It’s time to take another look at “Quaker Girl,” the episode of Gunsmoke that first aired on December 10, 1966. It’s the second of two episodes of the legendary Western series in which Timothy appears. Charles “Buster” Rilla is the hulking muscle behind a couple of gold-hungry outlaws.

Quaker Girl - 1966

Tim was directed for the second time here by the prolific Bernard L. Kowalski, who memorably let Tim have his head with his characterization of gangster Matty Trifon in the Baretta pilot, “He’ll Never See Daylight” (1.17.75).

Video of the Week: “The Book”

Our video this week is the Rawhide episode “The Book,” the first of Timothy’s two appearances in that long-running Western series. He only appears at the beginning and end of the episode, an unwelcome presence in the life of Pop Starke (Pat Hingle). Unfortunately, there is no sound until about 2:30 into the video.

This is another of Tim’s television appearances that was directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski. Enjoy!


Pic of the Day: “He’ll Never See Daylight” revisited

We kick off the week with another look at the premiere Baretta episode, “He’ll Never See Daylight”, directed by Bernard L. Kowalski. It was first broadcast on January 17, 1975. Fashion plate gangster Matty Trifon shows up for his butt-kicking by Baretta (Robert Blake).

He'll Never See Daylight - 1975

This is the only one of Timothy’s four appearances on Baretta that is officially available on DVD. Here’s hoping the powers-that-be see fit to release the series in its entirety sometime soon.

Video of the Week: “Quaker Girl”

This week’s video is another full-length television episode. It’s “Quaker Girl,” the second of two episodes of Gunsmoke in which Timothy appears. It first aired on December 10, 1966. He is suitably menacing as Charles “Buster” Rilla, the part-Native American tracker to a couple of (literally) gold-digging bad guys.

Directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski, and co-starring William Shatner and Ben Johnson, “Quaker Girl” is a serviceable example of the 20-season series’ middle years. Enjoy!

Pic of the Day: “Nightside” revisited

Today’s pic revisits Nightside (1980), the failed television series pilot directed by Bernard L. Kowalski. Timothy appears near the end as Slowboy, the coked-out pimp. He’s only on-screen about two minutes, but it’s worth the wait.


Tim’s not the only legendary character actor featured in this one. Also along for the ride are John de Lancie, Vincent Schiavelli, Joe Spinell, and Roy Jenson, the latter having co-starred with Tim previously in Waterhole #3 (1967). Pick yourself up a “collector to collector” copy right here!