Pics of the Day, Week, Month, and Possibly Year

I am so. excited. to be bringing you today’s pics. Thanks to my new Facebook pal Juan Ibáñez Mateos, from beautiful Barcelona, Spain, we are presenting some candid photographs of young Timothy that I can pretty much guarantee you have never seen before. They were taken at an unknown venue by an unknown photographer sometime in the mid-1950s. It looks like there is some kind of song-and-dance talent competition going on. The Johnny Otis Band is going to town in the background. And Mr. Timothy Carey is owning the room.

Tim and the Johnny Otis Band, mid-50s





The fellow who gave these pics to Juan was apparently unaware that Tim was even in them. They have a marvelous LIFE magazine quality. In the James Dean article from Movie Stars Parade magazine, Tim tells Dean that he spent a lot of time at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles. I’m willing to bet that these pics were taken there. And, of course, we’ve all got to wonder – did Tim win the competition? Eternal thanks to the unknown photographer, the friend who passed these on to Juan, and Juan himself. I am just blown away by this unexpected glimpse into the life and times of young Tim. I’ve been walking around with a goofy grin on my face since yesterday. It’s showing no signs of going away anytime soon. I hope you love these pics as much as I do.

5 responses to “Pics of the Day, Week, Month, and Possibly Year

  1. WOW!!! Tim AND Johnny Otis band!! Love to have been there for that one. I remember working with Tim on TARZANA when I mentioned I had played drums with R&B bands in the 60’s like James Brown and Wilson Pickett when I was a DJ on the radio in San Francisco. He began to regard me with different eyes then…LOL. Then I told him I had broken the Guinness Book of Records for non-stop drumming in Honolulu, 1965 by playing with bands from Tuesday night at eight till Saturday afternoon at three. That’s when he laughed and invited me to go to Chinatown and have “Pig tails and peanuts” with him sometime. Tim was a force and I ws honored to work with him several times, even tho he stole most scenes. Working with him was like swimming near the edge at Niagara Falls. Great photos. Many thanks to whoever shot that scene and I wish we had video but I can imagine the dance he did. I’ve seen it. Can’t wait for the book.

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    • Wow! You’ve lived a blessed life 🙂 All I care about is working with world-class talents like that… Timothy Carey, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, and the Guinness Book of World Records… You have LIVED, my friend!


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