Pic of the Day: “Daniel Boone” promo ad

Today’s pic is my latest eBay score! It’s a page from some Hollywood trade paper, announcing Timothy’s “comedy guest star” appearance on Daniel Boone (“The Blackbirder” episode, as bounty hunter Lute Purdy) that night on NBC-TV. We can then surmise that the ad appeared on the episode’s original air date, October 3, 1968. This was Timothy’s standard head shot for that time.

Promo ad for "The Blackbirder," 1968

I can’t seem to find too much biographical info on Tim’s agent, Lew Sherrell. He and his agency certainly represented a lot of folks in Hollywood – Forrest Tucker, Adam West, Robert Alda, Harry Carey Jr., Sue Ane Langdon and Robert Englund, just to name a few.

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Daniel Boone” promo ad

  1. Lew Sherrell was my Step Father and I have many recollections of him and his agency. He was writting a book when he passed away and I’m trying to find it so it can be finished and published. Anyone with information on Lew’s book please contact me jwillia100@aol.com Thanks John Williamson


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