Video of the Week: “D.C. Cab”

Our video of the week is Joel Schumacher‘s D.C. Cab (1983) in its entirety. Which is actually a shame, because for once, the entirety of one of Timothy’s films is not what is relevant to our interests here at this particular little spot in cyberspace. What you want to do here is fast-forward to the very end of the film, after the end credits.

Best. End. Credits. Sequence. Ever. The unfazed cabbie is the late great Charlie Barnett.

3 responses to “Video of the Week: “D.C. Cab”

  1. I happened to buy the DVD of D.C. Cab a couple of weeks ago, did not remember that Timothy is in it, and was happily surprised. One of the best after-the-end-credits scenes I have seen. The movie itself is not very interesting, but I also liked the well done opening shot, a quote from Alien (or is it Star Wars?).


    • Agreed! Not my favorite movie in the world, but Tim is priceless as always. It does tick me off that the very last word Charlie Barnett says is cut off on the DVD. Of course, the line in its entirety is “Got any luggage?”


      • My copy is a European PAL system copy, issued for Swedish and Finnish markets with subtitles for the two languages. It has the last line intact, but then there is a very quick fade to black, not even the usual Universal logo. Translators have not watched the film to the end as the final scene has no subtitles! By the way, do you have the feeling that the scene is actually part of a longer sequence that, for some reason, has been dropped?


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