Pics of the Day: Timothy by Jack Davis

It was announced today that veteran Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis will be retiring at the young-spring-chicken age of 90. To celebrate his amazing career, we thought it appropriate to re-post this entry from 2012. Thank you Jack, and take it easy – you’ve earned it!


Today’s pics are artwork from promotional materials for Waterhole #3 (1967), featuring caricatures of the cast by the stellar comic artist Jack Davis. Timothy makes a great cartoon!

Waterhole #3

Here also is a great shot of Tim on the set of the film. We’re not sure who the other fellow is; we think he’s from the prop department.

Quote of the Week

GL: Who else did you have trouble with?

TC: With Marlon [Brando] on The Wild One [53]. When I shook up a bottle of beer and let the foam go into his face, he didn’t like that. But he would be up-front about it. When I worked with him on One-Eyed Jacks, he told me, “I hope you’re not going to throw any more beer at me.” Marlon was great, but Karl Malden was kind of skittish. In our scene when he kicked me, he kicked me a lot, so I said, “Marlon, if this guy kicks me again I’m gonna clobber him.” But he kept doing it. He had a touch of Richard Widmark in him. Widmark stomped me bad in a Western we made in Arizona, The Last Wagon [56]. He stomped me while I was down, kept going at it for five minutes, just because I reacted when he mock-stabbed me in the scene. He apologized later, but I wouldn’t accept it.

- Grover Lewis, “Cracked Actor: Timothy Carey”, Film Comment Jan/Feb 2004; interview conducted in 1992

One-Eyed Jacks

Video of the Week: “Big Jessie”

Here’s one of Timothy’s seldom-seen television episodes in its entirety! Let’s hope it stays up for a while. It’s “Big Jessie,” the episode of the short-lived Western series Cimarron Strip that was first broadcast on February 8, 1968. Tim is memorable as Lobo, the knife-throwing scoundrel with the nasty scar.

Also appearing here is another venerable character actor, the great Jack Elam. It’s too bad he and Tim have no scenes together, or that they didn’t get a chance to work together more often. It would have been great to see these two scene-stealers vie for our attention. Enjoy!

Bonus: John Cassavetes

“You can defeat fear through humor, through pain, through honesty, bravery, intuition, and through love in the truest sense.” – John Cassavetes, born this date in 1929. A great friend and mentor to Timothy. Would that the both of them were still with us, but their spirits live on.

With John Cassavetes

"Anti-Academy Awards party" given by Tim for John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands

Cassavetes directing Timothy in The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

On the set of Bookie

Minnie and Moskowitz, 1971

Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas!

The inimitable Kirk Douglas turns 98 years old today! That’s pretty impressive. Here he is with Timothy in Stanley Kubrick‘s Paths of Glory (1957). Tim is reportedly standing in a hole, so that he would not tower over the film’s star and uncredited co-producer.

Paths of Glory

“Let me tell you an interesting story about Paths of Glory,” Tim said in the Psychotronic interview. “In the execution scene there was no dialogue but I started to speak, so Kubrick said, ‘Bring in the sound!’ I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die’, so Kubrick comes up to me and says, ‘Tim, you better make this good, Kirk Douglas doesn’t like it’, but of course they used it.” We hope that Douglas has forgiven Tim by now for stealing the film from him. We’re pretty sure he has; he recently named Paths as one of the films he is most proudest of. Happy birthday, Mr. Douglas!

Pic of the Day: “Mermaids of Tiburon” revisited

Today we take another look at John Lamb‘s Mermaids of Tiburon (1962). Pearl-coveting bad guy Milo Sangster (such a great character name) enjoys lunch while plotting his next nefarious enterprise.

Mermaids of Tiburon

The Psychotronica Vol. 3 DVD of Mermaids was apparently supposed to include some commentary by Romeo Carey, but looks like it never happened. It also includes the ridiculous “Aqua Sex” version of the film, which attempts to pass off some topless women with flippers on their feet as mermaids. I guess they figured nobody would notice they weren’t wearing mermaid tails. Let the head-shaking and eye-rolling commence.