BREAKING NEWS! An animated “Tweet’s”????

Breaking news from Absolute Films!

Promo clip pitching the notorious action comedy-mind blower, circa 1969 film from legendary film genius, Timothy Carey.

The idea of adapting TWEET’S LADIES OF PASADENA as an animated series is brilliant… one can only imagine the back-story?

We are currently looking for animators who are interested in helping to create the animation pilot to pitch to Netflix.


Pic of the Day: “The Golden Wolf” revisited

Today’s pic revisits the Cowboy G-Men episode “The Golden Wolf”. It first aired on September 27, 1952. Wolf poacher Jake Kirby is flummoxed to discover that the legendary “golden wolf” of the title is, in fact – well, no spoilers here.

The Golden Wolf - 1952

It’s hard to believe that Timothy is only 23 years old here. I apologize for the substandard quality of this and pretty much all the pics from Cowboy G-Men. I’m guessing cleaning up these prints is not a high priority for the DVD distributors. It’s a blessing that we have them at all, really.

Video of the Week: “Fast-Walking”

This week’s video is the tail end of Timothy’s pivotal scene from Fast-Walking (1982), directed by Paths of Glory (1957) producer James B. Harris. Junkie con Bullet tries to pull a fast one on Wasco (Tim McIntire), but soon comes to regret it.

I’ve expressed my reservations before about this rather sleazy film, but the two Tims definitely make it worth a look. Check it out!

Pic of the Day: “Quaker Girl” revisited

It’s time to take another look at “Quaker Girl,” the episode of Gunsmoke that first aired on December 10, 1966. It’s the second of two episodes of the legendary Western series in which Timothy appears. Charles “Buster” Rilla is the hulking muscle behind a couple of gold-hungry outlaws.

Quaker Girl - 1966

Tim was directed for the second time here by the prolific Bernard L. Kowalski, who memorably let Tim have his head with his characterization of gangster Matty Trifon in the Baretta pilot, “He’ll Never See Daylight” (1.17.75).

Quote of the Week

(Sorry to be late with this, I was out of town yesterday!)

The OLD SENTIMENTALITY said that anybody who was famous was a celebrity and therefore possessed glamour and excitement. It didn’t matter what we personally thought of them. We idolized movie stars because they were movie stars and if it was a rotten movie, so what? In the NEW SENTIMENTALITY, our celebrities come from the Underground. An actor who happens to excite us in a personal way is a REAL CELEBRITY. If we see somebody like TIMOTHY CAREY, the scared solider in PATHS OF GLORY, we react. We save our ADULATION for the man who happens to say something DIRECTLY TO US.

- David Newman and Robert Benton, Esquire magazine, July 1964


Pic of the Day: “Fortune City” revisited

Ending the week is another look at “Fortune City,” the episode of It Takes a Thief that was first broadcast on February 2, 1970. Creepy Art makes a pass at kidnapped Mona (Stefanie Powers), unaware that series protagonist Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) is lurking in the rafters.

Fortune City - 1970

Powers, a Hollywood native, has been gracing films and television since 1960. She is a great champion of wildlife preservation, and is the founder of the William Holden Wildlife Federation in honor of her life partner of many years. She and Wagner went on to create one of television’s most delightful and enduring partnerships in the series Hart to Hart (1979-1984).

Video of the Week: “Mama Cooper”

Our video this week is the second of the two Daniel Boone episodes in which Timothy appears. He has a much less prominent role in this one, “Mama Cooper”, first airing on February 5, 1970. He was deep into filming Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena at the time, which could explain it.

Tim shows up at about the 10:35 mark as slave trader Wibberly. Also appearing in this above-average episode are football legend and needlepoint enthusiast Rosey Grier and, in the title role, the one and only Ethel Waters. Enjoy!