Video of the Week: “Unwed Mother” trailer

Here’s another one from the archives (read: we’ve run out of new videos to post again!). It’s the trailer for Walter Doniger‘s Unwed Mother (1958), the cautionary drive-in tale of a naive gal (Norma Moore) done wrong. Timothy appears as the grouchy back-alley abortionist about halfway through.

Also appearing is Robert Vaughn as the impregnating cad. Girls, let this be a warning – to you.

Quote of the Week

“I took Dean and that guy who played the bouncer (Timothy Carey) fishing on the rocks above Portuguese Beach, and Glenn Walbridge took them up Big River to fish off the old logging boom. I don’t remember if we caught anything but we probably did.” – Bob Valador

- from James Dean in Mendocino: The Filming of East of Eden; compiled and edited by Bruce Levene (Pacific Transcriptions, 1994)

photo from

Portuguese Beach, Mendocino, CA (photo via

East of Eden (1955)

“C’mon Jimmy, quit acting crazy and let’s go fishing.”


Pic of the Day: “Andrew Johnson” revisited

We close the week with another look at the Profiles in Courage episode “Andrew Johnson”. It first aired on February 28, 1965. Hartwick is the leader of a band of disgruntled malcontents bent on harassing President Andrew Johnson (Walter Matthau) as he attempts to deal with post-Civil War issues.

Andrew Johnson - 1965

This is another popular anthology series of the 1960s that deserves a proper DVD release. Here’s hoping the right people take up the task soon.

Lauren Bacall 1924 – 2014

Sadly we have yet another passing to observe. Lauren Bacall died Tuesday at the age of 89. She and Timothy appeared in one film together, Denis SandersShock Treatment (1964). I’ve posted this pic before, but since it’s the only one I have that features both her and Tim, it’s the only one that will suffice for today.

Shock TreatmentIn this seldom-seen color transparency from the film (which is in black and white), Tim’s head can be seen just above Roddy MacDowall‘s. That’s Stuart Whitman on the other side of the table. I don’t believe Ms. Bacall actually appears in this scene in the film, which makes it doubly unusual. The epitome of a rare kind of sultry, self-confident style, class and grace, we will not see the likes of Lauren Bacall again any time soon. More’s the pity for us. We wish her peaceful rest at last with the love of her life, Humphrey Bogart.

Video of the Week: “Head” trailer

Our video for this week is a rarely seen trailer for Bob Rafelson‘s Head (1968), the trippy cinematic debut (and swan song) of The Monkees. It features glimpses of scenes that didn’t make it into the final film. Timothy is in there, if you look hard, pay attention and do not succumb to seizures.

Hey! Nobody walks out on me! Not even myself!

Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

The Timothy Carey Experience mourns the death yesterday of one of the most gifted comedians the world has ever known, Robin Williams. Like Timothy, he was a unique presence that commanded your attention, made you smile, and made the world a better place by being in it. And today, the world is a sadder place without him. We wish him, at last, peaceful rest.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams as Mork