Video of the Week: “Speedtrap”

We’re jumping the gun a bit this week with our video, which is usually presented on Wednesday. But since today is the birthday anniversary of the fabulous Robert Loggia, I couldn’t wait til tomorrow to show you this clip from Speedtrap (1977), directed by Earl Bellamy. Tim is Loggia’s torpedo, escorting Joe Don Baker to “the library” for a meeting with the patrone.

This movie would make a great double bill with Mitchell (1975). Take special note of the boom mike making an unscheduled (I’m guessing) appearance after they go through the door. As I’ve mentioned before, Tim and Loggia play off each other well, and it’s a shame this is their only screen appearance together. Loggia has always been one of my favorite character actors, and seeing him and Tim together is quite a treat. Happy birthday, patrone!

4 responses to “Video of the Week: “Speedtrap”

  1. Robert Loggia’s nice guys are among the nicest on screen. This clip reminds that he did play very bad guys, too. And that reminds me of the nice guy Timothy Carey plays in Convicts 4, which is one of my favorite Carey roles. I guess the microphone was always out of screen when framed for 1.85:1. Full frame video prints often show details that were not meant to be seen.


    • I know next to nothing about screen ratios and framing and that sort of thing, so no doubt you are absolutely right, R.J.! I agree about Loggia; his nice guys are adorable, and his bad guys are chilling (ever see Lost Highway? *shudder*). I posted a video from Convicts 4 a while back if you haven’t seen it. Also agreed, it’s one of my favorite Carey roles as well! Makes me hungry for a “bean sammich” right about now…


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