Video of the Week: “Bayou” (and some very good news!)

I had another video in mind for this week, but I got some exciting news today that changed everything! This Saturday night, July 11, at 11:00 pm PST, TCM Underground will be presenting the steamy Southern swampland double feature of Baby Doll (1956) and Bayou (1957). Now, this is not the version of Bayou that producer M.A. Ripps created in 1961 when he bought back the rights of the film, added some exploitation-style elements with stand-in actors, cut out some other stuff he deemed irrelevant, and re-released it to the Dixie drive-in crowd as Poor White Trash. No my friends, this is the original un-messed-with 1957 Bayou. Which I myself have never seen.

So, I highly suggest we all fire up our DVRs and catch this rare gem! Many thanks to our friend Richard Harland Smith for the tip o’the hat to the blog at the end of his great article linked to above! PS: The 1961 version (still called Bayou, though) is still available from

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