Pic of the Day: “California Bullets”

OK, this one is literally one of Tim’s don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him roles. It’s from the Cowboy G-Men episode “California Bullets,” first shown on June 13, 1953. Tim is seen at the very beginning as “Man at boat dock.” He enthusiastically greets one of the passengers coming off the boat, shakes his hand, they exit the frame. That’s it. It’s all over in a few seconds.

California Bullets

I apologize for the dreadful quality of this shot! Starting with a poor quality print to begin with doesn’t help, and the rapidity with which Tim enters and leaves the frame of action just makes it worse. It looks like he’s wearing much the same outfit as he wore in the “Gypsy Traders” episode. This was the last episode of the series he appears in. He was definitely on his way to much bigger and better things by this point.

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