Pic of the Day: “Teacher of Outlaws” revisited

On the 108th anniversary of the birth of Barbara Stanwyck, we take another look at “Teacher of Outlaws,” the episode of The Big Valley that premiered on February 2, 1966. Preacher Clegg, Scripture-spouting outlaw, makes eyes at Victoria Barkley. It doesn’t do him any good, but you really can’t blame him too much.

Teacher of Outlaws - 1966

Like Timothy, a native of Brooklyn, Miss Stanwyck was born Ruby Catherine Stevens. She became a Ziegfeld girl at the age of 16 and never looked back. In a career that spanned seven decades, she portrayed everything from blushing ingenues to steely matriarchs, stamping each role with the indelible Stanwyck imprimatur. She’s a constant inspiration to me and countless other women, showing us when it’s time to be vulnerable and when it’s time to start kicking some ass. Thumbs up, all the way.