Video of the Week: “Dead Weight”

UPDATE 09.17.15: And it’s gone! I guess we should be thankful…

OK folks. This week’s video is a prime example of how not to present a video online. As today is the birthday anniversary of the late great Peter Falk, I was hoping to share one of the three episodes of Columbo in which Timothy appears. I found this one on YouTube. It’s “Dead Weight,” first broadcast on October 27, 1971 and the second of Tim’s two outings as chili-slinger Bert. Now, I realize that YouTube constantly gets on people’s cases about uploading copyrighted material. But does that explain the annoying frame around the actual video, the fact that the sound is notably and gratingly slowed down, or the fact that the same episode plays twice in a row? All of these things render the video basically unwatchable, at least to my mind. I’ll let you make your own decision on that.

Until we get an official dedicated Columbo channel on YouTube, or maybe Hulu or someplace picks it up, this looks like the best we have to work with as far as the internet goes. It’s a damn shame, really.

Pic of the Day: “The Blackbirder” revisited

We kick off the week with another look at one of Timothy’s finest performances, that of bounty hunter Lute Purdy in the Daniel Boone episode “The Blackbirder”. It debuted on October 3, 1968.

The Blackbirder - 1968

As I believe I’ve said before, Tim walks away with this episode tucked neatly into his fringed buckskin pocket. It’s out on DVD, and I’ve just discovered the episode in full on YouTube!! Glory be. Stay tuned for that on Wednesday as our Video of the Week!

Video of the Week: “Quaker Girl”

This week’s video is another full-length television episode. It’s “Quaker Girl,” the second of two episodes of Gunsmoke in which Timothy appears. It first aired on December 10, 1966. He is suitably menacing as Charles “Buster” Rilla, the part-Native American tracker to a couple of (literally) gold-digging bad guys.

Directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski, and co-starring William Shatner and Ben Johnson, “Quaker Girl” is a serviceable example of the 20-season series’ middle years. Enjoy!

Video of the Week: “East of Eden” (1981)

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I wanted to post something appropriate to the holiday, but wasn’t sure what would fit the bill. Then I discovered that some kind soul had finally put this up on YouTube, and the day was saved. This is part one of the three-part East of Eden television miniseries that made its debut on February 8, 1981. Timothy appears in a priceless cameo role as a circuit-riding preacher at about the 1:15:28 mark.

It’s a nice little in-joke for those of us who know that he also appeared in the 1955 film with James Dean, as a fellow about as far away from being a preacher as it’s possible to get. All of us here at the blog hope you’re having an extra-special holiday season, no matter what your affiliation. At the very least, we wish you happy times with family and friends.

Video of the Week: “Beach Blanket Bingo”

The kind folks over at have added several clips from Timothy’s films to YouTube, so today before the summer’s over, we present one of South Dakota Slim’s defining moments from William Asher‘s Beach Blanket Bingo (1965).

Having very strong second thoughts about their plan to get rid of the annoyingly perky Sugar Kane (Linda Evans) are Rat Pack gals Puss (Alberta Nelson) and Boots (Myrna Ross). Slim, however, is having the time of his life. Enjoy the insanity, bubbies!

Video of the Week: “Nightside”

This week’s video is of extremely bad quality, but it’s the only one left on YouTube from Nightside (1980), the TV movie directed by the fabled Bernard L. Kowalski. Thankfully, it showcases Timothy’s great scene near the end as the coked-up psycho-pimp from hell, Slowboy.

Very sad that the producers did not take advantage of the fact that the incredible Joe Spinell is in this film as well, and have he and Tim duke it out as battling pimps or something. I would have paid good money to see that.

Video of the Week: “The World’s Greatest Sinner” review on The Rough Cuts

Our video for this week is one that kind of slipped under my radar but is most definitely worth a look! The Rough Cuts is a collective of pop culture enthusiasts who provide reviews of movies, video games and the like each week on YouTube. Schatze’s review of The World’s Greatest Sinner is insightful and entertaining. I think you’ll like it.

Check out their YouTube channel for more great stuff! Well done!

Video of the Week: “Set Up City”

EDITOR’S NOTE 09/22/13: Another one bites the dust. Sorry, folks.

This week’s video is the Baretta episode “Set Up City,” directed by Curtis Harrington and first airing on October 29, 1975. Timothy is at his grumpy, glowering best as jewel thief Joe Dineen. This is one of my favorite Carey performances; I predict it will become one of yours too, if it isn’t already!

This is the perfect opportunity to announce the formation of The Timothy Carey Experience channel at YouTube! I will be gathering up every video pertaining to Tim that’s already on YouTube that I can find. I hope to also add my own videos of my book-writing adventures. Please feel free to subscribe, tell your friends, etc.!