Pic of the Day: “Quaker Girl” revisited

Our pic of the day takes another look at Tim’s appearance with today’s birthday boy William Shatner in the Gunsmoke episode “Quaker Girl,” first airing on December 10, 1966. He got ample time to push Shatner around in this episode, which unfortunately he did not get ten years later when they both were featured in the Columbo episode “Fade In to Murder.”

Quaker Girl - 1966

The Shat is 81 years old today. Many happy returns of the day!

Pic of the Day: “Fade In to Murder” revisited

Our pic of the day takes another look at “Fade In to Murder,” the Columbo episode that first aired on October 10, 1976. Tim is deli proprietor Tony, only a pawn in TV star Ward Fowler’s (William Shatner) murderous plan.

Fade In to Murder - 1976

This was Timothy’s third and final appearance on Columbo. He and Shatner had also previously co-starred in the Gunsmoke episode “Quaker Girl” (1966). Shatner’s Star Trek comrade Walter Koenig also appears in this episode, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) not with Shatner.

Video of the Week: “Quaker Girl”

09/13/2012: Looks like another one lost to copyright issues. Sorry about that!

Our video for this week is another full-length television episode! It’s the Gunsmoke episode “Quaker Girl,” first aired on December 10, 1966 and directed by Bernard Kowalski. This one is star-studded indeed – in addition to Tim, we get Ben Johnson and William Shatner as well!

This particular episode isn’t out on DVD yet, so it’s a treat to be able to see it here. Enjoy, won’t we?

Pic of the Day: “Quaker Girl”

Our pic for today is from the second of the two episodes of Gunsmoke that Tim appeared in. This one is “Quaker Girl,” first broadcast on December 10, 1966 and directed by Bernard Kowalski. Tim is “Buster” Rilla, Ben Johnson‘s muscle man, doing what he does best – pushing people around, including a fellow named William Shatner.

Quaker Girl - 1966

There they are – two of the biggest hams who ever lived, God love ’em. Many thanks to Paula Vitaris over at the Ben Johnson Screencaps Page for the screen cap!