Pic of the Day: “Rumble on the Docks” revisited

Our pic of the day takes another look at Fred F. SearsRumble on the Docks (1956), kind of a teenage On the Waterfront with a side of West Side Story thrown in for good measure. Racketeer Joe Brindo (Michael Granger) and his torpedo Frank Mangus are pleased with the outcome of a big court case.

Rumble on the Docks

Granger had appeared with Timothy three years earlier in Henry Hathaway‘s White Witch Doctor (1953), both of them in don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-’em roles. He became another dependable character actor in films and on television in the 1950s and early 1960s. In 1961 he made several TV appearances, then dropped out of sight until 1977, when he portrayed his final role in an episode of Kojak. What he was up to in that sixteen-year interval is a mystery. He died of a heart attack in 1981, at the age of 58.

Pic of the Day: “White Witch Doctor” revisited

Today being the birthday anniversary of the legendary Robert Mitchum, I thought it apropos that we revisit Timothy’s barely-there appearance in Henry Hathaway‘s White Witch Doctor (1953). He’s the henchman of bad guy Walter Slezak, here conferring with Mitchum in the jungles of deepest darkest Africa.

White Witch Doctor

Tim was reportedly fired from this film, with the notoriously irascible Hathaway seething, “He can keep his wardrobe, I don’t care – just get him the hell off my set!” This didn’t stop Tim from pestering Hathaway a year later for a part he didn’t get in Prince Valiant (1954).

Video of the Week: “I’ll Cry Tomorrow”

Our video of the week showcases Timothy’s don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him bit part in Daniel Mann‘s I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955), the harrowing story of actress/singer Lillian Roth‘s descent into alcoholism. He’s a drunken bum stumbling around a dingy flophouse, on the verge of molesting an equally drunken Roth (Susan Hayward in her fourth Oscar-nominated performance). Tim appears at about 12:00.

Tim had previously appeared in White Witch Doctor (1952) along with Hayward, although they had no scenes together (they really don’t here either; they never appear in the same shot). Hayward finally won that richly deserved Oscar for I Want to Live! (1958), also based on a true story (many of her best roles were as real-life women). She’s a true Hollywood legend – smart, brave and gutsy. And, like Tim, from Brooklyn!

Pic of the Day: “White Witch Doctor” revisited

Today we take another look at Timothy’s fleeting appearance in Henry Hathaway‘s White Witch Doctor (1953). He portrays – big surprise here – one of bad guy Walter Slezak‘s henchmen, tracking down Robert Mitchum deep in the jungles of Africa.

This was another film that Tim was fired from, even though it’s the first feature film in which he received screen credit. According to Mitchum, the notoriously irascible Hathaway was heard to bellow, “Get that Carey guy off my set! He can keep his wardrobe, I don’t care! Just get him out of here!” Oh, dear.


Pic of the Day: “White Witch Doctor”

Today’s pic (click to embiggen, blah blah, you know this) features Tim in one of his very early film appearances. It’s yet another don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him part. The film is White Witch Doctor (1953), directed by the notorious Henry Hathaway and starring Robert Mitchum and Susan Hayward. Tim is the henchman of bad guy Walter Slezak.

White Witch Doctor

He doesn’t last too long, but true to form, he makes sure he strategically positions himself for some good shots like this one. Hathaway encountered Tim again a year later, I’ve no doubt much to his chagrin, when Tim costumed himself in medieval garb, climbed over a wall at the Fox studios, and accosted Hathaway in the commissary, angling for a part in Prince Valiant (1954). He didn’t get it.