Pic of the Day: “Ambush” revisited

Today we take another look at the Kung Fu episode “Ambush,” the penultimate episode of the series. It first aired on April 4, 1975. Ill-tempered outlaw Bix Courtney has finally gotten his hands on the stash of silver he’s been coveting the entire episode. He’d better enjoy it while it lasts.

Ambush - 1975

This episode was directed by Gordon Hessler, who got his first big break producing The Alfred Hitchcock Hour for television. He has scores of movie and TV credits under his belt, including Scream and Scream Again (1970), starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price!

Video of the Week: “Paths of Glory”

This week’s video comes to us once again from the fine folks at Movieclips.com. It features our first glimpse of Pvt. Maurice Ferol in Paths of Glory (1957), as General Mireau (George Macready) chooses him at random for his standard condescending pre-battle pep talk.

Macready was one of the greatest cinematic villains of all time, with his cultured voice, patrician delivery and genteel but sinister air of superiority. He and fellow art connoisseur Vincent Price opened a very successful art gallery, the Little Gallery, in Beverly Hills in 1943. They were unfortunately forced to close it as their film careers demanded more and more of their time. By the way, that scar on Macready’s cheek was real, the result of a college auto accident.

Pic of the Day: “Convicts 4” revisited

Our pic of the day (and you remember about clicking for embiggening) is a nice promotional portrait of Timothy from Convicts 4, aka Reprieve (1962), one of my latest eBay finds. I’m still not sure if that’s a hearing aid or a transistor radio he has there. He used a similar device in House of Numbers (1957), also while portraying a prisoner. Hmm.

The typewritten notation on the back of the photo is worth sharing:

84, 85. TIMOTHY CAREY, remembered for his hit performance in “Revolt in the Big House” a few years ago, plays a convict ringleader in Millard Kaufman and Ronald Lubin’s “Reprieve,” Allied Artists production starring Ben Gazzara, Stuart Whitman, Ray Walston, and guest-starring Vincent Price, Rod Steiger, Broderick Crawford, Dodie Stevens, Jack Kruschen, and Sammy Davis, Jr. Carey is currently being hailed for his independently made “new wave” film, “The World’s Greatest Sinner.”