Video of the Week: “The Sidewinder”

This week’s video presents Timothy’s brief appearance in the Cowboy G-Men episode “The Sidewinder”. It was first broadcast on May 2, 1953. Don’t blink at about the 7:12 mark or you’ll miss him as a long-haired prisoner begging not to be dragged to the stockade.

The Sidewinder of the title is low-budget Western stalwart Roy Barcroft. He was frequently cast as the heavy in countless Western films, serials and TV shows during a career that spanned four decades. Film critic Leonard Maltin called him “Republic Pictures‘ number one bad guy.” His friend Clayton Moore recounts that Barcroft modeled his screen persona on the great cinematic villain Harry Woods, even to the point of attempting to imitate Woods’ voice.

Pic of the Day: “The Sidewinder” revisited

It’s about time to take another look at Timothy’s very brief appearance in the Cowboy G-Men episode “The Sidewinder,” which was first aired on May 2, 1953. He portrays a prisoner begging not to be sent to the stockade at an Army post.

Sidewinder - 1953

I apologize for the poor quality of the shot. I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate that these episodes still exist at all! X Brands also appears in this episode.