God Hilliard comes to Portland!

UPDATE #2 10/14/12:  I just got off the phone with Romeo Carey – he will indeed be there!


I’m very pleased to announce the first Portland, Oregon screening of The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962)! It’s coming to the historic Hollywood Theatre on Saturday, November 10, at 9:00 pm. Tickets are $10. I don’t think it’s been officially added to the theatre’s website yet, so stay tuned. I will be there, of course, and there’s a very good chance the Son of God himself – Romeo Carey – will also be in attendance! If you can’t make it, tell your friends, won’t you? Thanks so much!

And once again, here’s the Projection Booth podcast episode featuring me blathering on about the film and Tim.


“Video” of the Week: “Head” interview

This week’s video is another that is not really a video at all. It’s the audio of a radio interview Timothy did to promote The Monkees‘ film Head (1968), conducted by Dick Strout for The Hollywood Report. Annette Funicello can be heard here as well.

It’s a rare treat to hear Tim just casually conversing like this. I am eternally grateful to Mike White of The Projection Booth for bringing this to my attention. Tim’s portion of the interview can be heard in TPB’s podcast all about Head which I encourage you to listen to immediately. Atta boy, Mike!

“Nobody walks out on me! Not even myself!”

Pic of the Day: “Tarzana”

Today’s pic is one I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen. It’s from the short film Tarzana (1978), directed by Steve De Jarnatt. It’s a wonderful tribute to the hard-boiled detective pictures of the 1940s and 50s. Timothy is customs agent Benny, who asks world-weary gumshoe Michael C. Gwynne to help him crack a mysterious case.

Tarzana has been little seen since its debut, and is now the property of Absolute Films, which I believe is planning an official release soon. An outtake from the film, known as Cinema Justice, has made the rounds of film festivals over the years and has become a rather notorious example of Tim going completely off the rails. Gwynne speaks of his involvement in the film and his friendship with Timothy in The Projection Booth podcast episode dedicated to Tim and The World’s Greatest Sinner (you can hear me on it as well). I do hope Tarzana is made available to the public very soon; it’s a real gem that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Video of the Week: “The World’s Greatest Sinner”

EDITOR’S NOTE 11/21/12: The video is no longer there, but go listen to the podcast anyway, OK?

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Episode 37 of The Projection Booth, in which I subject the unfortunate listener to my annoying voice as I blather on about Tim and The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962), is now available for your listening and downloading pleasure. Tim’s son Romeo provides the exciting news that Sinner will soon be enjoying a proper DVD release, and will also be coming to Netflix! Let the celebrations begin!

Here at The TC Experience, we’re celebrating by making God Hilliard’s revelatory moment our Video of the Week. Enjoy, and remember – let’s be different. Let’s not hate anyone.

A Twisted Genius and The World’s Greatest Sinner

My beautiful friend Elizabeth Yoffe of True Studio Media, producer of the film My Big Break (2011), writes about her myriad experiences in and impressions of the film industry in her wonderful blog, Yoffe’s Guide to My Big Break. Her latest blog entry is a heartfelt appreciation of Timothy, just in time for the Projection Booth podcast on Tim and The World’s Greatest Sinner. Here’s an excerpt:

Carey was kind of like asafetida – the malodorous spice so odd and powerful it’s known as devil’s dung or stinking gum but also food of the gods. Just as asafetida can impart the right flavor to a recipe when used correctly, so Carey could enhance a film with his unsettling presence. But when handled improperly both the spice and the actor wreak havoc. Thus, although Carey’s talent was admired, rumors of directors and co-stars losing their minds and attacking him abound, and Carey himself said he was known as “the scourge of Hollywood.”

Do yourself a favor and add Elizabeth to your blogroll – you will not be disappointed!

The Projection Booth – November 16!

Do not miss The Projection Booth podcast showcasing The World’s Greatest Sinner, coming to a computer near you on Wednesday, November 16! Join the incredible Mike White and myself as we discuss the film and Tim’s career.

Also appearing are very special guests Romeo Carey and Michael C. Gwynne!

It’s going to be one stellar show and I am thrilled to death to be a part of it! Don’t you dare miss it!!

I am pleased to announce…

…that I will soon be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Projection Booth podcast, hosted by the fabulous Mike White of Cashiers du Cinemart fame! The episode will be showcasing The World’s Greatest Sinner, and I will be guest hosting as Mike’s “Timothy Carey expert”!! Wow – I sure hope I can live up to that title.

Please check out previous episodes of this great podcast, if you haven’t already! It’s the only one dealing with matters cinematic that I listen to a regular basis. I’m sure you will love it!

Watch this space for future announcements. In the meantime – “Please! Please! PLEASE! TAKE MY HAND!”