Pic of the Day: “Alaska Seas” revisited

Today we take another look at Jerry Hopper‘s maritime adventure Alaska Seas (1954). Boat repairman Wycoff is still trying to get his $920.60 from Matt Kelly (Robert Ryan), as Jim Kimmerly (Brian Keith) looks on.

Alaska Seas

Many of us are probably most familiar with Keith from his role as Uncle Bill in the classic sitcom A Family Affair (1966-1971). He was, however, a reliable presence in many films and television shows from the 1950s until his death in 1997. He even appeared in two silent films at the age of three. His stepmother was starlet Peg Entwistle, who gained notoriety as the girl who committed suicide by jumping off the “Hollywoodland” sign in 1932. His own passing was also under very sad circumstances. Suffering from emphysema and terminal lung cancer, and mourning the suicide of his daughter only ten weeks earlier, he too took his own life at the age of 75.