The Luck of the Irish to you!

This being Saint Patrick’s Day and all, I wish I knew more about Timothy’s father’s side of the family. What I have gleaned from my research is that Joseph A. Carey was a second-generation Irishman. He worked as a fireman until he was sidelined after an accident. According to the census record from 1930 below, he was employed at the time in real estate. He died, year and age unknown, after a stroke he suffered in an elevator on Wall Street.

I’m sure Tim would join me in celebrating his Irish ancestry by wishing you all a happy and safe Saint Patrick’s Day! Go easy on the green beer now! Cheers!


Pic of the Day: The Carey Family

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means love. This delightful picture of Timothy, his wife Doris, and their six children appeared in the article “Timothy Carey: The World’s Greatest Director!” by Harvey F. Chartrand, Filmfax Plus magazine #102 (April/June 2004).

Today is also the birthday of Tim’s daughter Germain, the baby of the family and, as she will tell you, “the adorable one” in this photo! Happy birthday, Germain!