Pic of the Day: “Head” revisited

Getting our week off to a weird start is another look at Head (1968), the only film outing by the “pre-fab four,” the Monkees. It was a failure at the box office, but now enjoys status as a cult favorite. Here we see Timothy in his third and final scene in the film, playing off his Western tough-guy reputation. I think that’s what’s going on here anyway.

Also, this has little to do with Tim, but I must take note of the passing this weekend of William Finley. A vastly underrated character actor, he was one of Brian DePalma‘s  favorite featured players. Among his films with DePalma are Sisters (1973), The Fury (1978), The Black Dahlia (2006), and most famously, The Phantom of the Paradise (1974). Like Timothy, he had a unique screen presence that captured your attention. He will be greatly missed. Rest well, Winslow.