Pic of the Day: “Fortune City” revisited

Ending the week is another look at “Fortune City,” the episode of It Takes a Thief that was first broadcast on February 2, 1970. Creepy Art makes a pass at kidnapped Mona (Stefanie Powers), unaware that series protagonist Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) is lurking in the rafters.

Fortune City - 1970

Powers, a Hollywood native, has been gracing films and television since 1960. She is a great champion of wildlife preservation, and is the founder of the William Holden Wildlife Federation in honor of her life partner of many years. She and Wagner went on to create one of television’s most delightful and enduring partnerships in the series Hart to Hart (1979-1984).

Video of the Week: “Fortune City”

Thanks to the kind folks at Hulu (sorry about the ads), our video this week is the It Takes a Thief episode “Fortune City,” first airing on February 2, 1970. Watch Timothy make a pass at Stefanie Powers and watch her pretend to be interested! The leader of the gang is the great Broderick Crawford, who appeared along with Tim (not at the same time, unfortunately) in Convicts 4 (1962).

Here’s hoping that more of Tim’s television episodes become available for online viewing. Enjoy!

Video of the Week: “Fortune City”

EDITOR’S NOTE 01/17/13: Another one lost due to copyright infringement. My apologies, folks.

This week’s video showcases Timothy’s performance in the It Takes A Thief episode “Fortune City,” which first graced television screens on February 2, 1970. Stefanie Powers has been kidnapped by Tim and his gang and they are about to bump her off, but not before Tim’s character decides to take advantage of the situation.

I can’t decide which is creepier: Timothy making a pass, or Powers pretending to respond. Eek. Also appearing in this episode are Broderick Crawford and Peter Bromilow.

Pic of the Day: “Fortune City”

Today’s pic is from Tim’s appearance on the action series It Takes a Thief, starring Robert Wagner as cat burglar Alexander Mundy. The episode is “Fortune City,” which first aired on February 2, 1970. Tim and Broderick Crawford have hatched a plot that has to do with underground atomic testing in Nevada. It’s a little confusing. They are forced to capture Stefanie Powers and plan to neatly dispose of her, but not before Tim’s character puts the moves on her first.

Fortune City

This great series is finally out on DVD – it’s definitely well worth your time!