Pic of the Day: “Waterhole #3” autographed still

My latest eBay score! It’s an autographed photo from Waterhole #3 (1967). I can’t tell who it’s made out to, but I’m pretty sure it says “Good evening”. That is how he signed the Killing of a Chinese Bookie poster I have.

Waterhole #3 autographed photo

He says “Good evening” very memorably in Speedtrap (1977), so I’m guessing this was signed around then or later. It’s always a treat to find a still I don’t have; even better when it’s autographed by the man himself. Have an excellent weekend, everybody!

Pic of the Day: “Speedtrap” revisited

It’s time for another look at Speedtrap (1977), the drive-in classic directed by Earl Bellamy. Timothy is stellar as Larry Loomis, obliging torpedo to drug kingpin Spillano (Robert Loggia). Here they are grilling private eye Pete Novick (Joe Don Baker), who is quickly realizing that he is in way over his head.


This would make an absolutely perfect double bill with Mitchell (1975), also starring Baker. It’s practically a sequel. Go get your copy today at j4hi.com!

Video of the Week: “The Velvet Jungle”

Sorry I missed the last couple days – still disorganized after our California adventure. But I finally got it together enough to post our Video of the Week, and it’s a good one. It’s part one of “The Velvet Jungle,” the Starsky and Hutch episode that first aired on March 5, 1977. It contains the entirety of Timothy’s priceless performance as Danny, the unfortunately racist creator of “super pancakes.”

He really puts himself into his work, doesn’t he? Heh. This episode was directed by Earl Bellamy, who also directed Tim the same year in Speedtrap. He and Tim shared a birthday – March 11. He directed gobs and gobs of television from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Video of the Week: “Bayou”

I have completely run out of videos to post, so it looks like I’m just going to have to start over. This is the very first video I posted nearly two years ago (no way!). Timothy’s Cajun brute Ulysses from Bayou (1957) has a chat with Jean Tithe (Eugene Sonfield) while Bos (Jonathan Haze) takes a nap. You may need subtitles.

As the video suggests, get your copy of Bayou at j4hi.com! They also have Speedtrap and Revolt in the Big House!


Pic of the Day: “Speedtrap” revisited

Today we get another eyeful of that awesome Hawaiian shirt Timothy sports in Speedtrap (1977). Larry Loomis, Italian gangster (???), is at the airport to drop off some stash, and is taking careful note of where the car is parked. Good plan.


Tim is Robert Loggia‘s right-hand goombah here, and they make a great team. Loggia has been an unforgettable presence in many a film and television show since the late 1950s, and is still hard at work. I wish he and Tim had worked together more. You gotta love the guy.

Pic of the Day: “Speedtrap” revisited

Today’s pic is a nice close-up of Tim from Speedtrap (1977), directed by Earl Bellamy. He is sizing up Joe Don Baker right before attempting to land a punch.

Bellamy also directed Timothy in the Starsky and Hutch “super pancakes” episode (“The Velvet Jungle”)  that same year. He was another hard-working television director who helmed over 1,600 episodes over 30 years.

Video of the Week: “Speedtrap”

This week’s video is a segment of Earl Bellamy‘s Speedtrap (1977), the goofy drive-in smash-’em-up starring Joe Don Baker. This section includes the classic moment when Timothy suddenly appears in the back seat of Joe Don’s car, trains a gun on him and intones “Good eeeeevening.” It’s priceless. The famous “library” scene follows shortly thereafter.

Bellamy was a hard-working television director who also directed Tim that same year in the Starsky and Hutch episode “The Velvet Jungle.”