Lauren Bacall 1924 – 2014

Sadly we have yet another passing to observe. Lauren Bacall died Tuesday at the age of 89. She and Timothy appeared in one film together, Denis SandersShock Treatment (1964). I’ve posted this pic before, but since it’s the only one I have that features both her and Tim, it’s the only one that will suffice for today.

Shock TreatmentIn this seldom-seen color transparency from the film (which is in black and white), Tim’s head can be seen just above Roddy MacDowall‘s. That’s Stuart Whitman on the other side of the table. I don’t believe Ms. Bacall actually appears in this scene in the film, which makes it doubly unusual. The epitome of a rare kind of sultry, self-confident style, class and grace, we will not see the likes of Lauren Bacall again any time soon. More’s the pity for us. We wish her peaceful rest at last with the love of her life, Humphrey Bogart.

Pic of the Day: “Shock Treatment” revisited

It’s way past time we took another look at Shock Treatment (1964), directed by Denis Sanders. Timothy is uncredited but memorable in the role of a health-conscious mental patient. Here we see him eavesdropping on a heated exchange between Roddy McDowall and Stuart Whitman, shortly before he captures Whitman in a bear hug and proceeds to lecture him on vitamins and minerals.

Shock Treatment

McDowall was one of a small handful of cinematic performers who made the transition from child actor to adult roles a successful one. His bright and witty presence made many a film worth watching. A man of many talents, he was also an accomplished stage, radio and television actor, collector and preserver of Hollywood memorabilia, and a stellar photographer. His death at age 70 from lung cancer was truly a great loss to the film community, and to us all.

Pic of the Day: “Big Jessie” revisited

Ending the work week is another look at Lobo, the scarred henchman of “Big Jessie,” the Cimarron Strip episode that first aired on February 8, 1968. Lobo likes to while away the time throwing knives at things.

Big Jessie - 1968

The star of Cimarron Strip, Stuart Whitman, was a frequent co-star of Tim’s. They both appeared in Convicts 4 (1962), Shock Treatment (1964), Rio Conchos (1964), and the Ellery Queen episode “The Adventure of Caesar’s Last Sleep” (1976). I do believe they were friends off-screen as well.

Pic of the Day: “Revolt in the Big House” revisited

It’s time that we took another gander at the prison potboiler Revolt in the Big House (1958). Timothy’s Ed “Bugsy” Kyle is not happy that Al (Sam Edwards) is turning chicken. Red (John Dennis, on the right) and an unidentified actor look on uneasily.

Revolt in the Big House

Dennis found himself incarcerated with Tim in two other films: Convicts 4 (1962), this time as a prison guard; and Shock Treatment (1964), like Tim, uncredited as a mental patient. He also appeared in Head (1968), again uncredited, as a cop. He too was from one of New York City’s boroughs, the Bronx.

Pic of the Day: “Shock Treatment” revisited

Our pic for today is a rarely-seen color transparency for Shock Treatment (1964), the weird psychological thriller directed by Denis Sanders and starring Stuart Whitman. This pic is unusual for several reasons. Firstly, the film is in black and white. Secondly, Lauren Bacall does not appear in the final version of this scene in the film. However, Romeo Carey has a black and white promotional still from the film that shows almost this exact scene, with Timothy very clearly in view as the patient seated at the table behind them (you can see his head just above Roddy McDowall‘s here).

Shock Treatment

Tim’s brief, uncredited role as a vitamin-and-mineral-conscious mental patient is another one of those tiny bit parts that he marked with the indelible “Timothy Carey” stamp. Again, you spend the whole rest of the film hoping – even certain – that he’ll turn up again. Alas, it is not meant to be.

Pic of the Day: “Shock Treatment” revisited

Today’s pic is another from Shock Treatment (1964), directed by Denis Sanders. It’s the strange tale of a private investigator (Stuart Whitman) who has himself committed to an insane asylum in order to find a million dollars. It’s a long story. Timothy briefly appears in an uncredited role as a health-conscious mental patient.

Here is yet another example of Tim throwing his entire being into a very small part. Until this great little film enjoys a proper DVD release, get yourself an unofficial copy here.

Pic of the Day: “Shock Treatment” revisited

Today’s pic is another look at Timothy’s brief but memorable appearance as a health-conscious mental patient in Shock Treatment (1964). He startles Stuart Whitman by capturing him in a sudden bear hug.

Once again, no official release for this strange little film, but you can snag yourself an unofficial copy here.