Pic of the Day: “The Devil’s Gas” revisited

Today’s pic is another from The Devil’s Gas (1987), the surreal short film written and directed by Timothy’s son Romeo. It was essentially Tim’s last film performance. He portrays Professor Petro, lecturing on Salvador Dali‘s famous essay on farting, and looking rather like Dali as well.

Timothy, always the iconoclast, took the subject of flatulence to heart. “Farting is no joke,” he often said. It was a natural function of the body, like a cough or a sneeze, and nothing to be ashamed of. His play The Insect Trainer was an expansion of this idea. “Live longer, live healthier, and let thy arse make wind!”

Quote of the Week

“In San Francisco, The World’s Greatest Sinner and Dali’s film played together so I got interested in Dali. He was like my idol. I’ve been working on the fart play, The Insect Trainer, for eight years now. It’s the first ever story about the incarceration of farting in society and one man’s struggle to free it. This guy gets arrested for accidentally killing a lady by farting and knocking her down. In jail he discovers his talents for training insects. It was the murder trial of the century where the defendant is the first person ever in criminal history charged with homicide where his ass was the lethal weapon… We should fart out loud in public. It’s good for us. The play is not really about the man on trial, it’s about the fart on trial. What would you rather do – fart in a crowd, or die alone in a corner? Live longer, live healthier, let thy arse make wind!”

Psychotronic Video magazine #6, Summer 1990; interview by Michael Murphy and Johnny Legend, research by Michael J. Weldon

On that note, have a very Carey Christmas, everyone!