Pic of the Day: “Chain of Evidence” revisited

Today we take another look at Chain of Evidence (1957), the low-budget crime drama directed by Paul Landres. Foul-tempered Carl Fowler (see what I did there?) is being grilled by Lt. Andy Doyle (“Wild” Bill Elliott), Sgt. Mike Duncan (Don Haggerty) and the gal who started the whole mess, Harriet Owens (Claudia Barrett).

Chain of Evidence

Haggerty later appeared with Timothy in The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959). My MST3K and bad-movie-loving pals will recognize Barrett as the intrepid Alice from the infamous Robot Monster (1953). “We want peace, Ro-Man. But peace with honor.”

Pic of the Day: “Chain of Evidence”

Our pic of the day to start off the work week is from the enjoyable potboiler Chain of Evidence (1957), directed by Paul Landres, who had directed Tim the previous year in Naked Gun (1956), receiving no on-screen credit. Here Tim plays Carl Fowler, a violent low-life who likes to settle arguments with his fists and a 2×4.

Chain of Evidence

My MSTie pals will recognize the female lead; she’s Claudia Barrett from Robot Monster (1953). “We want peace, Ro-Man. But peace with honor.”