Quote of the Week

After that [The Wild One], I tried to get into PRINCE VALIANT (54, Robert Wagner starred). So I went to Western Costume to dress up like Sir Black [sic; the character’s name is actually Brack. The part eventually went to James Mason], the heavy in it.They fitted me in this outfit, all sashed pants and that had a medieval glove with a weapon from that era. And I thought, how am I gonna get in there, so I went to climb the fence at 20th Century Fox, but I couldn’t make it because of the clothes I had on. It was right near a golf course and a golfer helped me over with a ladder. I told him I was an actor on the set who got lost. I tried to find the director, Henry Hathaway, but he wasn’t in his office so I went to the commissary where he was having lunch and said, “Here I am, Sir Black! My men number many. I’m here for the part. Do I get it?” I took out my knife. He said, “Put the knife away, you got the part.” Then I was escorted off the lot. I never got the part, but I enjoyed it. It was fun.

– Psychotronic Video magazine #6, Summer 1990; interview by Michael Murphy and Johnny Legend, research by Michael J. Weldon

The Wild One poster

Pic of the Day: “Fortune City” revisited

Ending the week is another look at “Fortune City,” the episode of It Takes a Thief that was first broadcast on February 2, 1970. Creepy Art makes a pass at kidnapped Mona (Stefanie Powers), unaware that series protagonist Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) is lurking in the rafters.

Fortune City - 1970

Powers, a Hollywood native, has been gracing films and television since 1960. She is a great champion of wildlife preservation, and is the founder of the William Holden Wildlife Federation in honor of her life partner of many years. She and Wagner went on to create one of television’s most delightful and enduring partnerships in the series Hart to Hart (1979-1984).

Pic of the Day: “Fortune City” revisited

Today’s pic revisits the It Takes a Thief episode “Fortune City,” first airing on February 2, 1970. Tim is a fellow who goes by the name of Art, the surly muscle behind a gang planning some malfeasance at an atomic testing site in Nevada. Unbeknownst to him, however, our hero Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) is sneaking across the roof of the building across the street.

Fortune City - 1970

This nifty series has finally enjoyed an official DVD release, so pick yours up today! Or tomorrow, there’s no rush.

Pic of the Day: “Fortune City”

Today’s pic is from Tim’s appearance on the action series It Takes a Thief, starring Robert Wagner as cat burglar Alexander Mundy. The episode is “Fortune City,” which first aired on February 2, 1970. Tim and Broderick Crawford have hatched a plot that has to do with underground atomic testing in Nevada. It’s a little confusing. They are forced to capture Stefanie Powers and plan to neatly dispose of her, but not before Tim’s character puts the moves on her first.

Fortune City

This great series is finally out on DVD – it’s definitely well worth your time!