Pic of the Day: “Echo Park” revisited

Today we take another look at Timothy’s last feature film, Echo Park (1986), directed by Robert Dornhelm. Vinnie the pizza slinger is on the phone with his unhappy employee Jonathan (Tom Hulce).

Echo Park

A new film by the same name has just been released, but does not appear to be a remake or have anything to do with this film. That’s good, because having someone else playing Vinnie simply would not fly.

Pic of the Day: “Echo Park”

Today’s pic is from Tim’s last feature film, Robert Dornhelm‘s Echo Park (1986). Tim is Vinnie, owner of the local pizza joint and boss of delivery boy Jonathan (Tom Hulce). Here he has just given Jonathan a delivery address located, as Jonathan puts it, “in Hell.” The following priceless exchange takes place:

VINNIE: We can’t desert these people, kid. We don’t want to leave them stranded in the 20th century without a pizza…

JONATHAN: I thought we were friends.

VINNIE: A friend delivers a pizza wherever it’s needed.

It’s a small part, but true to form, Tim makes it his own. He does, however, look thin and tired here. Eight years later he would be gone.

VINNIE: Just remember, kid – love is like a pizza…

JONATHAN: Vinnie, you think everything is like a pizza.