Pic of the Day: “Fade In to Murder” revisited

Today’s pic is another from the Columbo episode “Fade In to Murder,” first airing on October 10, 1976. Sandwich slinger (and apparent frustrated actor) Tony is waxing eloquent, but his television producer friend Clare Daley (Lola Albright) is having none of it. “You’re always auditioning for me, Tony!” she declares exasperatedly. All she wants is her sandwich – which unfortunately she does not get.

Fade In to Murder - 1976

Albright enjoyed a long career in Hollywood as a talented, sexy blonde star and a sultry singer, most notably on the Peter Gunn television crime drama. She appeared in many of the same TV series that Tim did, including Racket Squad, Gunsmoke, Rawhide and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Her last television role, like Tim’s, was on Airwolf. She is now enjoying retirement in California.

Pic of the Day: “The Book” revisited

Our pic for this Friday is another look at the Rawhide episode “The Book,” which was first broadcast on January 8, 1965. Bad guy Carl Hatcher is giving Pop Starke (Pat Hingle) a stern warning.

The Book - 1965

Tim had a much more substantial role on the series later that year in the episode “Encounter at Boot Hill” (09/14/65). Clint Eastwood probably wished he were talking to an empty chair during their big fight scene.

Pic of the Day: “Encounter at Boot Hill” revisited

Today we revisit “Encounter at Boot Hill,” the Rawhide episode that first aired on September 14, 1965. Nasty deputy sheriff Ed Walker has just gotten his first look at interloper Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood), and he does not like what he sees.

Encounter at Boot Hill - 1965

When one of Timothy’s bad guy characters grins at you, he is not being friendly. It’s a warning that you’d better start thinking of ways to defend yourself. He’s contemplating how many ways he can kick your ass from here to Sunday, and how much fun he’s going to have doing it. It’s the predatory grin of the shark. Get the hell out of Dodge while you still can!

Pic of the Day: “The Book”

Finally got it! Today’s pic is from the other episode of Rawhide that Tim appears in, “The Book.” It first aired on January 8, 1965. It was, if I’m not mistaken, the first time (but definitely not the last) Tim was directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski. I will admit to you that I’ve just skimmed the episode at this point, so I could snag the screen caps. But it appears that Pat Hingle is in trouble with Timothy and his brothers over some kind of debt owed.

The Book - 1965

Tim only appears at the beginning and the end of this episode. He had a much more substantial role later on that same year in his second Rawhide episode, “Encounter at Boot Hill” (9/14/65).

Pic of the Day: “Encounter at Boot Hill” revisited

The work week ends with a nice close-up of Timothy staring down Clint Eastwood in the Rawhide episode “Encounter at Boot Hill,” first broadcast on September 14, 1965. I do believe Tim was one of the few men capable of pulling off such a feat.

Encounter at Boot Hill - 1965

Tim appeared in two episodes of Rawhide. I’ve so far been unsuccessful in finding the other one, “The Book” (1/8/65). Tracking it down as we speak…

Pic of the Day: “Teacher of Outlaws” revisited

Today’s pic (click for embiggening you will) is another from Tim’s appearance on The Big Valley. The episode is “Teacher of Outlaws,” which first aired on February 2, 1966. Scripture-spouting outlaw Preacher Clegg is making eyes at Victoria Barkley (Barbara Stanwyck), which is weird when you consider that she’s old enough to be his mother. But then, it is Miss Barbara Stanwyck after all.

Westerns were still a hot television property in the 1960s, and Tim appeared in a bunch of them – The Virginian, Cowboy in Africa, Rawhide, Cimarron Strip, Daniel Boone.

Pic of the Day: “Encounter at Boot Hill”

Our pic for today is from the second of Tim’s two appearances on the long-running TV Western series Rawhide. The episode is “Encounter at Boot Hill,” which first aired on September 14, 1965. Tim is mean, mean deputy sheriff Ed Walker, who berates Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood) for “impeding.” Or, as he says it, “im-PEEEEE-dn’.”

Encounter at Boot Hill - 1965

Until this particular season of Rawhide enjoys a commercial release, check sites like ioffer.com, which is where I got mine.