Pics of the Day: “Bayou” promos

It’s two-for-the-price-of-one day here at the blog! Today we’re posting some promotional material from Bayou (1957), “presenting Tim Carey”. The first is a still featuring Tim facing down Peter Graves, while Lita Milan glares up at Tim (hope the poor girl didn’t get a crick in her neck). I hadn’t seen this one before; you can’t see Tim’s face too well, but he’s obviously meant to look menacing and all. The second is a Spanish-language version of the film’s poster. The title translates to The Goddess of the Swamp.

Bayou still

Spanish poster for Bayou

As always, don’t forget to click to embiggen!

Pics of the Day: Timothy by Jack Davis

Today’s pics are artwork from promotional materials for Waterhole #3 (1967), featuring caricatures of the cast by the stellar comic artist Jack Davis. Timothy makes a great cartoon!

Waterhole #3

Here also is a great shot of Tim on the set of the film. We’re not sure who the other fellow is; we think he’s from the prop department.

Pics of the Day: The Wall of Timothy, updated

I finally got the Wall of Timothy rearranged and updated!

Sept. 2011 #1

Sept. 2011 #2

Sept. 2011 #3

A word about the ladybugs. For some reason, I’ve been associating them with Tim for quite a while now. It made me happy when I discovered recently that he mentions them in his play The Insect Trainer. I found this ladybug banner/decoration on the ground behind my car the other day. I like to think it’s Tim saying “Hi!”

Sept. 2011 #4

Sept. 2011 #5

And you guys, this isn’t everything. I have so many lobby cards that I’m going to have to swap them out every few weeks or so. There are also big posters from Bayou and The Wild One that I just don’t have room for. Slowly but surely, Tim is taking over our house… I’m OK with that!