Pic of the Day: “The City is Dark” publicity still

Today’s pic is another publicity still for Andre’ De Toth‘s Crime Wave (1954) under its original (and, I believe, more fitting) title, The City is Dark. Timothy and his gang – Jim Hayward, Ted de Corsia, and Charles Bronson – menace Phyllis Kirk and Gene Nelson.

aka Crime Wave

As the 16th annual Noir City Los Angeles Film Noir Festival prepares to launch tomorrow, I can’t think of a better film to get yourself psyched up for it. “How come the smart guys are inside and the dopes outside?”

Pic of the Day: “House of Numbers”

Today’s pic (click to embiggen, but you know that right?) is from Russell Rouse’s House of Numbers (1957). Jack Palance had an unusual dual role as brothers Arnie and Bill Judlow (identical but not twins – how does that work?). Arnie’s in San Quentin (the movie was actually filmed there) and Bill is helping to bust him out. He and Arnie manage to switch places (don’t ask, it’s complicated, just watch the movie). Bill encounters Arnie’s new cellmate, Frenchy.

House of Numbers
“You been to any other colleges?” Frenchy asks. “I’m taking a post-graduate course.” He later confesses to being hungry and looking forward to the “crepes suzette” they will undoubtedly be serving in the mess hall. House of Numbers, rarely screened and not officially released on DVD, recently made a big splash at the Noir City festival in Los Angeles.