Pic of the Day: “Naked Gun” revisited

Today we revisit Naked Gun (1956) – not the Leslie Nielsen laugh-fest, but the low-budget Western also known as The Hanging Judge. Tim has a rather substantial role as Hartman, the bad guy’s henchman. Here saloon proprietress Veda Ann Borg oversees a shady card game.

The fellow in black without a hat is Tom Brown, who began his career as a child model, and later an actor. He modeled for Buster Brown Shoes, Arrow shirts and Buick.

50 Westerns From the 50s

Our humble blog got a wonderful mention over at 50 Westerns From the 50s! If you haven’t seen it, it’s a nifty little blog about, well, read the title, yo.

It’s a fabulous read, full of great pics and terrific insight. I predict it will quickly become one of your favorites. Thank you, Toby!!

(Here’s another shot of Tim from Naked Gun (1956), just to make this post more relevant to the theme.)

Pic of the Day: “Chain of Evidence”

Our pic of the day to start off the work week is from the enjoyable potboiler Chain of Evidence (1957), directed by Paul Landres, who had directed Tim the previous year in Naked Gun (1956), receiving no on-screen credit. Here Tim plays Carl Fowler, a violent low-life who likes to settle arguments with his fists and a 2×4.

Chain of Evidence

My MSTie pals will recognize the female lead; she’s Claudia Barrett from Robot Monster (1953). “We want peace, Ro-Man. But peace with honor.”

Pic of the Day: “Naked Gun”

Howdy, pardner! Our pic of the day comes to us from Naked Gun (1956), not the Police Squad! movie but a low budget B-Western directed by Edward Dew and an uncredited Paul Landres. Tim is yet another henchman of the bad guy, enjoying a smoke and a drink at the bar with his pals.

Naked Gun

The mustache is pretty awesome. Another henchman is portrayed by an actor known as X Brands, who often played Indians even though he wasn’t one in real life. This film is also known as The Hanging Judge.