Pic of the Day: “The Boy and the Pirates” revisited

Today’s pic takes us back to Bert I. Gordon‘s The Boy and the Pirates (1960), with Timothy having a grand old time as Morgan, one of those very same pirates. Here we see him and Hunter (Than Wyenn) plundering some stolen treasure, as pirates are wont to do.

Wyenn was all over television, from the 1950’s through the mid-1980’s. He and Tim both co-starred with Peter Graves in 1957 – Tim, of course, in Bayou, and Wyenn (as my MSTie pals will recall) in Beginning of the End (the one with the giant grasshoppers), also directed by Gordon.

Pic of the Day: “Alaska Seas”

Today’s pic will appeal to the hipsters out there. It’s from a really obscure movie, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Alaska Seas (1954) was directed by Jerry Hopper. Tim portrays Wycoff, the owner of the local boat repair establishment, who vainly tries to recoup the $920.60 owed him by Matt Kelly (Robert Ryan). Wycoff has just tracked down Kelly, who last left Wycoff floating in the drink after he made off with his boat without paying Wycoff what he owed him. Tim just walks up to Ryan and stands there grinning. This shot cries out to be captioned a là LOLcats. O HAI! REMEMBER ME? YOU OWE ME NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS AND SIXTY CENTS!

It’s hard to believe Tim was only 24 when he made this film; he looks and acts much older. But isn’t that the mark of a good actor? At one point he is seen through the door of his office sitting in his rocking chair, playing with and singing to a cat.

When Tim appeared with Ryan again in The Outfit (1973), my years of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fandom stood me in good stead and I couldn’t resist riffing on the scene. “Oh, by the way, it’s been 20 years and you still owe me $920.60. With interest.”