Video of the Week: “East of Eden”

Our video this week comes to us once again via the good people at It’s the famous scene from Elia Kazan‘s East of Eden (1955) in which Cal Trask (James Dean) confronts his long-lost mother Kate (Jo Van Fleet, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for this, her first film role), the owner of a house of ill repute.

In his Movie Stars Parade article “The Highways of Heaven,” Timothy related the tale of shooting this scene with Dean:

“Then I lifted my fist to hit him again, missed, hit a pipe and broke my knuckles. Some blood began to trickle, but I wanted to continue with the scene. Only Jimmy wouldn’t let me. He didn’t care when his own blood was oozing, but at the sight of my blood he became compassionate.

‘It’s all right, Jimmy,’ I insisted. ‘Let’s go.’

‘No,’ Jimmy was firm. ‘Let’s get the  nurse.’

This guy was a human being. He really cared about my knuckles bleeding. I could drop dead on the set, and most people would say, ‘Lower the crumb right down.’ Not Jimmy. He valued me.”

Video of the Week: “Paths of Glory”

This week’s video comes to us once again from the fine folks at It features our first glimpse of Pvt. Maurice Ferol in Paths of Glory (1957), as General Mireau (George Macready) chooses him at random for his standard condescending pre-battle pep talk.

Macready was one of the greatest cinematic villains of all time, with his cultured voice, patrician delivery and genteel but sinister air of superiority. He and fellow art connoisseur Vincent Price opened a very successful art gallery, the Little Gallery, in Beverly Hills in 1943. They were unfortunately forced to close it as their film careers demanded more and more of their time. By the way, that scar on Macready’s cheek was real, the result of a college auto accident.

Video of the Week: “Beach Blanket Bingo”

As summer wanes, we once again revisit Beach Blanket Bingo (1965), thanks to the fine folks at Here’s the end of the film, as South Dakota Slim battles all comers in defense of Sugar Kane (Linda Evans), who looks really confused. The day is saved by Frankie Avalon – we have no trouble giving him all the credit. Huzzah!

Also, Paul Lynde!!!!

Video of the Week: “The Killing”

Another great video from the folks at! This is Timothy’s big scene from Stanley Kubrick‘s The Killing (1956), featuring the great James Edwards.

Tim’s character here, Nikki Arcane, has been called racist, but I honestly don’t think he is. Note how he looks away and looks uncomfortable when he uses “that word.” He just wants Edwards to go away so he can get his job done, so he gets extra-nasty. The sad part is that Edwards’ character is probably so used to being treated poorly by white folks that he responds to what he perceives as Nikki’s kind treatment by making a bit of a pest of himself.

Video of the Week: “Beach Blanket Bingo”

The kind folks over at have added several clips from Timothy’s films to YouTube, so today before the summer’s over, we present one of South Dakota Slim’s defining moments from William Asher‘s Beach Blanket Bingo (1965).

Having very strong second thoughts about their plan to get rid of the annoyingly perky Sugar Kane (Linda Evans) are Rat Pack gals Puss (Alberta Nelson) and Boots (Myrna Ross). Slim, however, is having the time of his life. Enjoy the insanity, bubbies!