Video of the Week: Honeyboy Slim and the Bad Habits

Today happens to be the birthday of one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world, Heather Drain. Besides being an amazing writer and critic of fringe culture, she is my number-one cohort in the Timothy Carey Estrogen Brigade. I dedicate today’s video, another one from the archives, to her.

Happy birthday, doll! Long may you rock.

Pic of the Day: “The Velvet Jungle” revisited

Today’s pic is another priceless shot of Timothy from the Starsky and Hutch episode “The Velvet Jungle,” which was first broadcast on March 5, 1977. Danny, the racist diner owner, has just offered Starsky and Hutch a helping of his “super pancakes.” AAAAHHHH they’re delicious!

The Velvet Jungle 1977

My dear friend Heather Drain, of the fabulous blog Mondo Heather, once told me that this scene made her literally fall out of her chair with delighted laughter. Ohhh, Tim, you rascal you.

Video of the Week: “The Odds Against Donald Jordan”

It’s Wednesday already! Our video of the week highlights Tim’s only appearance on the television detective series Mannix, starring Mike Connors. The episode is “The Odds Against Donald Jordan,” which was first broadcast on March 1, 1969. Tim is Rasmussen, affectionately known as Moose, Mannix’s pony-playing hipster pal. You get the feeling that they’re attempting to set up Moose as a recurring character, but alas, it was not meant to be.

My dear friend Heather Drain says about this scene, “Life should always be this good.” I concur. Come around and see me, dad! You dig?