Quote of the Week

Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena may be singular.  Tweets may be plural.  It either refers to a feature-length film or a series of shorts.

Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena is so obscure that Mike White from Cashiers du Cinemart drove 10+ hours to see a screening in Philadelphia.

Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena is the work of the late Timothy Carey of World’s Greatest Sinner fame. 

Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena is so bizarre it makes World’s Greatest Sinner seem like ABC Family fodder.

Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena is easily the most punishing film going experience of my life. 

– Mike Faloon, “That Which Doesn’t Kill You: Timothy Carey’s Tweets”; Go Metric April 16, 2010 (accessed July 13, 2014)


“Video” of the Week: “Head” interview

This week’s video is another that is not really a video at all. It’s the audio of a radio interview Timothy did to promote The Monkees‘ film Head (1968), conducted by Dick Strout for The Hollywood Report. Annette Funicello can be heard here as well.

It’s a rare treat to hear Tim just casually conversing like this. I am eternally grateful to Mike White of The Projection Booth for bringing this to my attention. Tim’s portion of the interview can be heard in TPB’s podcast all about Head which I encourage you to listen to immediately. Atta boy, Mike!

“Nobody walks out on me! Not even myself!”

The Projection Booth – November 16!

Do not miss The Projection Booth podcast showcasing The World’s Greatest Sinner, coming to a computer near you on Wednesday, November 16! Join the incredible Mike White and myself as we discuss the film and Tim’s career.

Also appearing are very special guests Romeo Carey and Michael C. Gwynne!

It’s going to be one stellar show and I am thrilled to death to be a part of it! Don’t you dare miss it!!

I am pleased to announce…

…that I will soon be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Projection Booth podcast, hosted by the fabulous Mike White of Cashiers du Cinemart fame! The episode will be showcasing The World’s Greatest Sinner, and I will be guest hosting as Mike’s “Timothy Carey expert”!! Wow – I sure hope I can live up to that title.

Please check out previous episodes of this great podcast, if you haven’t already! It’s the only one dealing with matters cinematic that I listen to a regular basis. I’m sure you will love it!

Watch this space for future announcements. In the meantime – “Please! Please! PLEASE! TAKE MY HAND!”