Video of the Week: “Teacher of Outlaws”

Here’s one from the archives, in honor of the birthday anniversary of the legendary Barbara Stanwyck. She was born on this date in 1907. It’s the episode of The Big Valley known as “Teacher of Outlaws”, premiering on February 2, 1966 and directed by Michael Ritchie. Timothy has another excellent role as Preacher Clegg, Scripture-quoting outlaw.

It would have been so great to know what Stanwyck thought of working with Tim. When legends collide!

Pic of the Day: “Teacher of Outlaws” revisited

Better late than never, our first pic for this week is another from “Teacher of Outlaws”. It’s the episode of the long-running Western series The Big Valley that was first broadcast on February 2, 1966. Timothy portrays Scripture-spouting outlaw Preacher Clegg, obviously a frustrated man of the cloth.

Teacher of Outlaws - 1966

Please revisit this post and view this episode, directed by Michael Ritchie, in its entirety. It’s must-see TV!

Pic of the Day: “The Resurrection of Carlini” revisited

Today we take another look at Blanchard, the unhinged magician’s assistant of “The Resurrection of Carlini,” the episode of The Greatest American Hero that first aired on November 19, 1982. He is being questioned by the cops, and is, predictably, not being very forthcoming.

The Resurrection of Carlini - 1982

Directing this episode was veteran television producer and director Arnold Laven, one of the co-founders of the Levy-Gardner-Laven production company. He produced Tim’s episode of The Big Valley, “Teacher of Outlaws” (2.2.66), directed by Michael Ritchie.


Pic of the Day: “Teacher of Outlaws” revisited

Our pic today revisits “Teacher of Outlaws,” one of, in my opinion, the best episodes of The Big Valley. It was first broadcast on February 2, 1966. Timothy gets some quality screen time as Preacher Clegg, the Scripture-spouting gunslinger. This shot is almost the first thing we see as the episode begins.

Teacher of Outlaws - 1966

This episode was directed by Michael Ritchie, who went on to helm some of the most enjoyable films of the 1970s, including Prime Cut (1972), The Candidate (1972), Smile (1975), and The Bad News Bears (1976).

Pic of the Day: “Teacher of Outlaws”

Our pic of the day is almost the very first thing you see in The Big Valley episode “Teacher of Outlaws,” first broadcast on February 2, 1966. Tim is Preacher Clegg, a bad guy known for quoting Scripture while being nefarious.

Big Valley

This episode was directed by Michael Ritchie, who went on to helm such memorable films as Smile, Prime Cut, The Candidate, Semi-Tough, and my personal favorite of his films, The Bad News Bears. We lost him, to prostate cancer at age 62, way too soon.