Video of the Week: “Rumble on the Docks”

This week we’re pleased to bring you another of Timothy’s lesser-seen films in its entirety. It’s the “teenage On the Waterfront,” Rumble on the Docks (1956), directed by Fred F. Sears. Tim has one of his best supporting roles as Frank Mangus, lackadaisical torpedo to waterfront boss Joe Brindo (Michael Granger).

Plus James Darren, Robert Blake, Dan Terranova, and Freddie Bell and His Bellboys! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Pic of the Day: “Rumble on the Docks” revisited

Our (late) pic of the day is another from Rumble on the Docks (1956), the teenage On the Waterfront directed by Fred F. Sears. Timothy turns in a great supporting performance as Frank Mangus, the lackadaisical muscle behind racketeer Joe Brindo (Michael Granger).

Rumble on the DocksFrank is incapable of merely sitting on a couch or a chair – he must drape himself across it, over it, or around it. It’s pretty much a running gag throughout the film. Yet another part that could have been routine and forgettable in the hands of a lesser talent, here given the unmistakable Carey treatment.

Pic of the Day: “Rumble on the Docks” revisited

Our pic of the day takes another look at Fred F. SearsRumble on the Docks (1956), kind of a teenage On the Waterfront with a side of West Side Story thrown in for good measure. Racketeer Joe Brindo (Michael Granger) and his torpedo Frank Mangus are pleased with the outcome of a big court case.

Rumble on the Docks

Granger had appeared with Timothy three years earlier in Henry Hathaway‘s White Witch Doctor (1953), both of them in don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-’em roles. He became another dependable character actor in films and on television in the 1950s and early 1960s. In 1961 he made several TV appearances, then dropped out of sight until 1977, when he portrayed his final role in an episode of Kojak. What he was up to in that sixteen-year interval is a mystery. He died of a heart attack in 1981, at the age of 58.

Video of the Week: “Rumble on the Docks”

This week’s video is a clip from Rumble on the Docks (1956), director Fred F. Sears‘ teenage take on On the Waterfront (1954). Timothy has some amusing line reads in this scene as Frank Mangus, torpedo to waterfront racket boss Joe Brindo (Michael Granger) and thorn in the side of whistle-blowing gang member Jimmy Smigelski (James Darren).

Rumble on the Docks (unable to embed, sorry about that!)

Sears was one of the most accomplished B-movie directors of the 1950’s, helming such other drive-in classics as Teen-Age Crime Wave (1955), Rock Around the Clock (1956), Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956), The Werewolf (1956) and Don’t Knock the Rock (1956). He also directed many Westerns and several war films in the late 40’s and early 50’s, until the teen movie craze hit in the mid-50’s. He was busy!


Pic of the Day: “Rumble on the Docks” revisited

Today’s pic is another shot from Rumble on the Docks (1956), sort of a teenage rock ‘n roll version of On the Waterfront (1954). Timothy is Frank Mangus, the muscle behind waterfront boss Joe Brindo (Michael Granger). Mangus’ preferred method of interaction with any type of furniture is to drape himself over, across or around it.

This is a great and funny role for Tim; he is clearly enjoying himself. Rumble is now officially available on DVD from the Warner Archive series, so snag yourself a copy today!

Pic of the Day: “Rumble on the Docks” revisited

In honor of my amazing husband Byron’s birthday anniversary, our pic for today is another shot from Rumble on the Docks (1956). Tim’s torpedo Frank Mangus is getting chewed out in front of the rest of the gang (so not cool) by the boss, Joe Brindo (Michael Granger).

When Byron and I were watching this movie, I had to pause the DVD right around this point to go use the restroom or some such. Byron commented that this was a great tableau, with all the guys sitting/standing around and Tim perched on the desk. I have to agree.  He isn’t credited, but I do believe the seated fellow between Tim and Granger is Ben Frommer, who appeared in a couple of Ed Wood‘s films.

Pic of the Day: “Rumble on the Docks”

Let’s get ready to rumble! Our pic for today is from Fred F. Sears’ Rumble on the Docks (1956), starring James Darren and Robert Blake. Tim is Frank Mangus, the rather dim-witted but funny torpedo of mobster Joe Brindo (Michael Granger). He drapes himself across the furniture, wears sunglasses indoors after a fight, and has amusing line reads such as “Excuse me, baby doll, I’m gonna steal your cute boy friend, OK?”

This is another film that really needs an official DVD release. Until that happens, get yourself an unofficial copy this-a-way.