Pic of the Day: “Big Jessie” revisited

Today’s pic takes another gander at Lobo, the knife-throwing henchman with the scar from “Big Jessie,” the episode of Cimarron Strip that first aired on February 8, 1968. He is not a very happy fellow in general.

Big Jessie - 1968

Portraying the “Big Jessie” of the title is someone you probably wouldn’t expect – Mariette Hartley (no scenes with Timothy, unfortunately). She’s been a bright presence on television and the occasional feature film for over 50 years, and she’s still going strong today.

Pic of the Day: “Big Jessie”

Our pic for today finds Tim in Western mode once again. He appeared in the Cimarron Strip episode “Big Jessie,” which was aired on February 8, 1968. He portrays henchman Lobo, who has a nasty scar on his face and likes to pass the time throwing knives.

Cimarron Strip

The character of “Big Jessie” is played by a young Mariette Hartley. It’s also great to see Donnelly Rhodes and Jack Elam here as well.