Video of the Week: “Ain’t We Got Fun”

EDITOR’S NOTE 12/31/14: Another one lost to the YouTube banhammer. Sorry folks.

This week’s video is another one from the archives. It’s the episode of The Untouchables known as “Ain’t We Got Fun,” first broadcast on November 12, 1959. To me, one of the greatest mysteries of Timothy’s career is how he received no screen credit for this rather important role as Loxie, grinning pyromaniac torpedo to bootlegger Big Jim Harrington (fellow Brooklynite and frequent co-star Ted de Corsia).

Let me take this opportunity for a bit of shameless self-promotion! My burlesque persona, Loxie Arcane, is named after this character and Nikki Arcane, the sharpshooting racehorse assassin from The Killing (1956). What can I say – Tim inspires me in so many ways. Enjoy this great (and, near the end, rather surreal) episode; it’s in four parts so be sure to watch ’em all!

Pics of the Day: “Crime Wave”

Every now and then I peruse Tumblr for pics tagged with Timothy’s name, especially animated .gifs. That’s where I found these (!), and today I found a few more. If I knew how to make these things I would, but for now I’ll leave it to the professionals. These were posted by an individual known only as phb256, and they’re from Andre’ De Toth‘s Crime Wave (1954).

Crime Wave

Crime Wave

Crime Wave

Non-animated are Charles Bronson, Ted de Corsia, Gene Nelson and Jim Hayward. Many thanks to whoever was clever enough to make these. I salute you! You may also want to check out my own Tumblr, run by my burlesque persona Loxie Arcane (guess where that name came from?).