Pic of the Day: “Bayou” revisited

Today’s pic is another from Bayou (1957), directed by Harold Daniels and filmed on location in the swamps of Louisiana. Ulysses is preparing to do battle with Martin (Peter Graves) for the hand of Marie (Lita Milan), who doesn’t want him but that makes no never-mind to Ulysses. “I can have any girl in the bayou I want, and I want her,” he declares. “And what I want, I take! And no dirty Yankee from swell country is gonna stop me!”

Tim looks like a matinee idol from the 1920s in this shot. My goodness, I think I’m getting the vapors… *fans self* The short bearded fellow behind him is the great Jonathan Haze, one of Roger Corman‘s favorite featured players and the star of The Little Shop of Horrors (1960). “FEED ME, SEYMOUR!”

Pic of the Day: “Bayou”

Today’s pic is a lobby card from Bayou (1957), which was recut by producer M.A.Ripps in 1961 and released to the Southern drive-in circuit as Poor White Trash, where it made a fortune. Tim is Ulysses, a Cajun shopkeeper with some jealousy issues.

Ulysses proved to be Tim’s meatiest role to date. There is something of the primal primate in him. He is big, mean, confused, sullen and belligerent. His thick Cajun accent has a touch of Brooklynese about it. He desires pretty Marie Hebert (fellow Brooklynite Lita Milan), but she finds him repulsive and wants nothing to do with him. He hates Martin Davis (Peter Graves), the “dirty Yonkee from swell country” that Marie prefers to him, with a purple passion. He seems overwhelmed by pent-up emotions that threaten to destroy him. This gives a sympathetic edge to a character that so easily could have been reduced to a garden variety “bad guy” in the hands of a lesser actor.

“And Presenting Tim Carey,” indeed! Here is yet another of Tim’s films that is long overdue for an official DVD release. In the meantime, get yourself an unofficial copy right here (they also have Speedtrap!)