Pic of the Day: “Ambush” revisited

Our pic for today is another from the Kung Fu episode “Ambush,” first aired on March 22, 1975. Tim is making sure that wily blind preacher Serenity Johnson (John Carradine) doesn’t stand in the way of a much-coveted stash of silver.

Two of the greatest character actors who ever lived. It’s a shame they didn’t get to work together more often.

Pic of the Day: “Ambush”

Thursday’s pic comes your way from the Kung Fu episode “Ambush,” first airing on March 22, 1975. Tim is mean, grumpy and glowering as Bix Courtney, lying in wait for a chance to relieve Rhonda Fleming of a stash of silver.

Kung Fu

This was one of Tim’s last appearances in anything with a Western theme. It was also the last appearance on Kung Fu for John Carradine, father of its star David, as the wily blind preacher Serenity Johnson.