Video of the Week: Behind the scenes of “A Time for Killing”

There is a Kickstarter campaign going on right now in support of a super-cool documentary-in-progress by the name of That Guy Dick Miller, directed by Elijah Drenner, the director of American Grindhouse. It’s all about, well, Dick Miller – one of the greatest character actors who ever lived and one of Roger Corman‘s favorite featured players. This week’s video is some rare 8mm behind-the-scenes footage revealed for the first time by the campaign. It was shot during the making of A Time for Killing (1967), which I believe is the only film that Timothy and Miller appeared in together. Tim can be glimpsed at about the 1:10 mark.

Behind the scenes of A Time for Killing (unable to embed, sorry about that!)

Says Drenner, “The film was begun by Roger Corman, but finished by director Phil Karlson. Never released on DVD, this film begs to be re-discovered. And I think you will agree after you see this clip. Dick co-stars with an incredible cast, many of whom you will see playing around on set, including Glenn Ford, Harry Dean Stanton, Inger Stevens, Timothy Carey and George Hamilton. You’ll also see a tall, lanky Corman in a white cowboy hat with black sunglasses setting up shots and blocking scenes for actors.” And I swear I see Katharine Ross in there too, even though she’s not in the film.

So how cool is this?? That Guy Dick Miller promises to be a terrific look at a much-loved cult legend. Please consider contributing to the campaign if at all possible – they are not even halfway to their goal, and there are only two weeks left! (And I was not paid to say that!) Tell your friends too!

Paths of Glory: Anatomy of a Film

Very exciting news from filmmaker David Spodak! From the official website:

PATHS OF GLORY: ANATOMY OF A FILM is a documentary that examines Stanley Kubrick’s 1957 cinematic masterpiece, Paths of Glory. The project was conceived to study the modern art form of cinema with the same level of concentration often given to literature, music, painting and sculpture. The primary objective is to deepen audience understanding and appreciation for the craft and art of filmmaking by combining the subjects of production, technique and aesthetics with historical perspective. The result is a detailed and enjoyable analysis of a film of indisputable quality. It is a work-in-progress, awaiting the inclusion of final production elements and editorial completion.

Please consider a donation to the film’s Kickstarter campaign, and ‘Like’ them on Facebook! We here at The TC Experience are proud to support such a wonderful project!