Video of the Week: “A Time for Killing”

This week’s video is another clip (it says trailer, but it isn’t) from A Time for Killing (1967), the gritty Civil War drama directed by Phil Karlson and an uncredited Roger Corman. This one pretty much picks up where the previous clip I’ve posted here ends. Timothy actually has some lines in this one!

Featuring Tim’s Paths of Glory co-star Emile Meyer, Glenn Ford, Kenneth Tobey, George Hamilton, Harry Dean Stanton, Inger Stevens, and young Harrison Ford in his first credited screen appearance. This one is definitely worth your time.

Pic of the Day: “A Time for Killing”

Our pic today revisits Billy Cat, the “Yankee from Missourah” of Phil Karlson‘s Civil War drama A Time for Killing (1967). Billy has hit his mark, and he’s pretty happy about it.

A Time for Killing

If you have the Encore Westerns channel, you can catch this entertaining potboiler there tomorrow. It’s got a stellar cast – Glenn Ford, George Hamilton, Inger Stevens, Kenneth Tobey, Dick Miller, and early performances from Harrison Ford and Harry Dean Stanton.

Pic of the Day: “A Time for Killing” revisited

Today’s pic is another from the Civil War drama A Time for Killing (1967). Timothy, as Billy Cat, is loading his rifle in an unorthodox manner, accompanied in the heat of battle by superior officers Kenneth Tobey and Glenn Ford.

Tim was in three movies with the word “killing” in the title. Not sure if there is any significance to that. This is another film that you can watch immediately on Amazon Instant Video.