Video of the Week: “The Outfit” trailer

Today, on what would have been Karen Black‘s 76th birthday, we present for this week’s video another one from the archives. It’s the trailer for John Flynn‘s gritty crime drama The Outfit (1973). It features Ms. Black and Timothy prominently.

You’ve heard me say it before, but I’ll say it again – this one is essential viewing. Enjoy!

Video of the Week: “The Outfit”

Our video for this week is a nifty montage of scenes from John Flynn‘s gritty homage to film noir, The Outfit (1973). It showcases the film’s superb score by Jerry Fielding.

In addition to Timothy, Robert Duvall, Joe Don Baker, Karen Black, Joanna Cassidy, and Robert Ryan are all here. This is a great film, not to be missed. You can catch it this Friday January 30 on the El Rey network. Enjoy!

Karen Black 1939 – 2013

The news of Karen Black’s death yesterday, after a long bout with ampullary cancer, came as a sad surprise. She was truly a unique and unforgettable screen presence. She and Timothy appeared in only one film together, John Flynn’s The Outfit (1973). They had no scenes together, but they both appear in this trailer for the film, so I’ve chosen to re-post that today.

This “rangy, imperfect beauty” leaves behind an amazing legacy and scores of saddened fans and friends. Peaceful rest, Karen, and thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Pic of the Day: “The Outfit”

Our pic for today comes to us from John Flynn‘s The Outfit (1973). Tim is Jake Menner, a truly nasty thug about to have some serious mayhem committed on his left hand by the man holding the gun, Earl Macklin (Robert Duvall).

Tim was usually able to lend a note of humanity to even his most low-life characters, but Menner is a mean, rotten piece of work. He participated in the torture of Macklin’s girlfriend Bett (Karen Black) and the murder of Macklin’s brother (both of which occur before the film begins). There is nothing redeeming about him, except perhaps for his fashion sense and for the sheepishly subservient way he approaches his boss (Robert Ryan). One of Tim’s best and nastiest performances – don’t miss it.