Pic of the Day: “The Great Train Robbery” revisited

Today’s pic takes another look at “The Great Train Robbery,” not the ground-breaking film short of 1903 but the episode of Sheriff of Cochise that first aired just over 57 years ago today – October 5, 1956. Bad guy Stark is robbing this train and he wants you to know it.

The Great Train Robbery - 1956

Cochise was another of those shows that sounded like a Western but really wasn’t. It was a contemporary crime drama set in Cochise County, Arizona. The sheriff (John Bromfield) wore a cowboy hat, but that and the Arizona setting are pretty much where the Western resemblance ends.

Pic of the Day: “The Great Train Robbery”

Today we finally get a look at Timothy in the Sheriff of Cochise episode “The Great Train Robbery,” first broadcast on October 5, 1956. He portrays Stark, the nasty leader of a gang of thieves who pull off said robbery. As we all know, however, justice prevails (at least on television in the 50s), and Stark and his gang are eventually hauled off to jail by Sheriff Frank Morgan (John Bromfield).

The Great Train Robbery - 1956

Also appearing in this episode is Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, whose brother Jose co-starred with Tim in Mermaids of Tiburon (1962). Bromfield retired from acting in 1960 to become a commercial fisherman.