Video of the Week: “Nightside”

This week’s video is the pilot for the failed proposed television series Nightside. It first aired on June 8, 1980. The quality of the video isn’t so great, and it has the uploader’s contact info plastered all over it, but its rarity if nothing else makes it worth a look. Timothy doesn’t appear until about the last two minutes, as a coked-out pimp by the name of Slowboy. It will always rankle me that Tim has no screen time with the otherworldly Joe Spinell, who appears here in a separate story thread. The mind boggles at the thought of these two titans of the bizarre existing in the same space.

Nightside was co-written and co-produced by the legendary Glen A. Larson, who lost his battle with esophageal cancer just last Friday at the age of 77. Television would not be the same without his amazing contributions.

Pic of the Day: “Nightside” revisited

Today’s pic revisits Nightside (1980), the failed television series pilot directed by Bernard L. Kowalski. Timothy appears near the end as Slowboy, the coked-out pimp. He’s only on-screen about two minutes, but it’s worth the wait.


Tim’s not the only legendary character actor featured in this one. Also along for the ride are John de Lancie, Vincent Schiavelli, Joe Spinell, and Roy Jenson, the latter having co-starred with Tim previously in Waterhole #3 (1967). Pick yourself up a “collector to collector” copy right here!

Video of the Week: “Nightside”

This week’s video is of extremely bad quality, but it’s the only one left on YouTube from Nightside (1980), the TV movie directed by the fabled Bernard L. Kowalski. Thankfully, it showcases Timothy’s great scene near the end as the coked-up psycho-pimp from hell, Slowboy.

Very sad that the producers did not take advantage of the fact that the incredible Joe Spinell is in this film as well, and have he and Tim duke it out as battling pimps or something. I would have paid good money to see that.

Pic of the Day: “Nightside”

Let’s start off the week with another rarity. This is from the TV movie Nightside (1980), the pilot for a proposed series that never got off the ground. Tim was directed once again by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski. He portrays a coked-out pimp known as Slowboy. He’s pretty creepy.

Joe Spinell is also in this movie, but unfortunately he and Tim are in separate story arcs. Oh how awesome it would have been to see the two of them onscreen together! Another thing I learned from this movie is that Doug McClure does a very good, if rather scary, impersonation of Burt Lancaster.