Video of the Week: “Likely Stories”

This week’s video constitutes a new addition to Timothy’s official filmography! We have the great Bruce Kimmel to thank for mentioning it in his wonderful book, There’s Mel, There’s Woody, and There’s You (2010). Likely Stories was a comedy series that appeared on HBO in the 1980’s. Kimmel got Tim to appear in two sketches for the show in 1983:  The soap opera spoof “The Lays of Our Lives,” and the spaghetti Western take-off “A Fistful of Boots.” “Boots” never aired (but Kimmel tells me he has a tape of it somewhere that he will try to make available), but “The Lays of Our Lives” appears on the videotape Likely Stories Vol. 2. And so, here is Timothy’s brief, memorable and extremely weird turn as the Gynecologist in “The Lays of Our Lives”!

I got the tape yesterday, popped it in and shot the video directly off the TV screen. According to Kimmel, those are Jewel Shepard‘s legs. Here’s hoping that “Fistful of Boots” sees the light of day soon!

Quote of the Week

Today’s quote is from actor-writer-composer-director Bruce Kimmel, who worked with Timothy in some short comic sketches for an HBO comedy show called Likely Stories in 1984. Whether these episodes were ever aired, or if any surviving footage with Tim exists, is unclear.

For A Fistful Of Boots, it was me in the Clint role (just as I’d done it in my trailer) and for the villain I cast the supremely weird and wacky Timothy Carey. […]

We shot A Fistful Of Boots at the Fox Malibu Ranch. Timothy Carey lived up to his reputation as one of the strangest people on Earth. He just came up with the oddest line readings and facial expressions ever, and some of his ideas were just insane. I always let him tell them to me, though, and then he was always happy if I let him do at least one crazy thing. […]

The Young Comics Night and The Lays Of Our Lives shoots both went fine, with only Timothy Carey’s craziness taking a turn for the worse as the Gynecologist – his endless weird suggestions caused the actress in the scene with him, Jewel Shepard, to get really creeped out.

– Bruce Kimmel, from “There’s Mel, There’s Woody, and There’s You”: My Life in the Slow Lane (AuthorHouse, 2010)