Norton Records needs your help!

Norton Records, begun in 1986 by A-Bones members (and humongous Timothy Carey fans) Miriam Linna and Billy Miller, suffered a devastating loss during the recent attack on the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy. Their warehouse in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn was severely flooded, and most of their catalog stock was destroyed.

From the Norton Records website:

Your help is still desperately needed here at Norton HQ to assist in our recovery from the destruction of Norton’s Red Hook warehouse at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. There are more records that can be saved, but we are still racing the clock to salvage them before they dry. If you want to help with Norton Records salvaging effort at our office in Prospect Heights (Brooklyn, NY), please contact us ASAP at with VOLUNTEER in the subject line or call 917 671-7185 (Billy) or 718 789-4438 (office). We will reply with info.

Please alert NY friends. We have had a great deal of help but we can use much more!!
If you would like to make a monetary donation, there’s a PayPal donation button on their website.


Pic of the Day: “The Resurrection of Carlini” revisited

We continue our “scary shots for Halloween” theme with this great one from “The Resurrection of Carlini,” the episode of The Greatest American Hero that debuted on November 19, 1982. The late magician Carlini’s deranged assistant Blanchard is hiding from our heroes.

The Resurrection of Carlini - 1982

This shot shows off three of Tim’s greatest attributes – his hair, his forehead, and his eyes. Approach at your peril!

On a more serious note, our hearts and prayers are with all of those devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and those assisting with the relief efforts. Stay strong – help is on the way.