“Video” of the Week: “Head” interview

This week’s video is another that is not really a video at all. It’s the audio of a radio interview Timothy did to promote The Monkees‘ film Head (1968), conducted by Dick Strout for The Hollywood Report. Annette Funicello can be heard here as well.

It’s a rare treat to hear Tim just casually conversing like this. I am eternally grateful to Mike White of The Projection Booth for bringing this to my attention. Tim’s portion of the interview can be heard in TPB’s podcast all about Head which I encourage you to listen to immediately. Atta boy, Mike!

“Nobody walks out on me! Not even myself!”

Quote of the Week

These two fellas wrote an article about me, David Newman and Robert Benton. These are the fellas that wrote the exciting picture Bonnie and Clyde. Much to my surprise, my brother called me up from New York back in 1965 and said, ‘Tim, you’re in Esquire.’ I said, ‘You’re kidding, what do they want me in Esquire for?’ Anyway, there’s a picture of John Wayne and a picture of myself, and the caption above it was ‘The Old Sentimentality vs. the New Sentimentality.’ Under John Wayne’s picture they had ‘Old Sentimentality’ and under mine they had ‘New Sentimentality.’ And they said ‘It happens that an actor,’ and they said a bit actor too, which I didn’t like. Anyway, they said that ‘Tim Carey is our new underground celebrity.’ They said I was dirty, now, they said I was uncouth. (laughs)

– Promotional radio interview for Head with Dick Strout for the “Hollywood Report,” 1968 (pic from the Psychotronic interview)