Videos of the Week: Happy Halloween!

Halloween greetings to one and all! I’ve posted both of these before, but they’re the scariest ones I could come up with for today. First up is the trailer for Francis in the Haunted House (1956), the closest thing to a horror film that Timothy ever appeared in (unless you count Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy, heh heh). Tim can briefly be glimpsed here as Hugo, hulking castle minion. Narration by the great Frank Nelson of “Yyyyyeeeeeessssss???” fame; the voice of Francis and of the ghost by the equally great, if not legendary, Paul Frees, who would go on to provide the voice of The Snake in The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962).

Next we have the infamous “Atta boy Mike” scene from Head (1968). It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s ridiculous, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! Enjoy!

Tim as Frankenstein’s monster, from the long-lost Sambo’s commercial of the early 1980s

Pic of the Day: “The Resurrection of Carlini” revisited

We continue our “scary shots for Halloween” theme with this great one from “The Resurrection of Carlini,” the episode of The Greatest American Hero that debuted on November 19, 1982. The late magician Carlini’s deranged assistant Blanchard is hiding from our heroes.

The Resurrection of Carlini - 1982

This shot shows off three of Tim’s greatest attributes – his hair, his forehead, and his eyes. Approach at your peril!

On a more serious note, our hearts and prayers are with all of those devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and those assisting with the relief efforts. Stay strong – help is on the way.

Pic of the Day: “Andrew Johnson” revisited

Since this is Halloween Week, and Timothy was a big fan of Halloween, I’ve been searching my collection of screen caps for reeaally scary pics which I will be featuring all week! Here’s a good one. It’s from the Profiles in Courage episode “Andrew Johnson,” which first aired on February 28, 1965. Tim is a rabble-rouser by the name of Hartwick, leading a gang of ruffians out to commit mayhem on President Andrew Johnson (Walter Matthau). He was moving around so much during his big scene that it was difficult to capture him. This one came up, and it was so weird and freaky that I just had to save it.

Andrew Johnson - 1965

Creepy, huh? There’s more to come – stay tuned!


Pic of the Day: “The Adventures of Caesar’s Last Sleep” revisited

We close the work week with another look at the Ellery Queen episode “The Adventures of Caesar’s Last Sleep.” It first aired on March 14, 1976. As Halloween is fast approaching, I thought we’d all enjoy this delightfully creepy shot of freelance thug Jay Bonner skulking behind doors and being mysterious.

The Adventures of Caesar's Last Sleep - 1976

You can watch this episode right now for pennies at Amazon Instant Video, so check it out, won’t you?

Wishing You a S-Carey Halloween!

(please forgive the bad pun)

This pic of Tim as Frankenstein’s monster (click to embiggen, IF YOU DARE!!!) can be glimpsed in the work-in-progress documentary by Romeo Carey that is available at Absolute Films. I am guessing that it was taken during the creation of the fabled television commercial for Sambo’s restaurant that Tim made back in the 80’s. Finding the actual commercial is proving to be next door to impossible. It’s become my personal Holy Grail of Careyabilia. I will find it! *shakes fist*

Apparently Halloween was quite the production at the Carey homestead. I can’t help but envy all the lucky neighborhood kids who got to go trick-or-treating at Tim’s house.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Pic of the Day: “The Resurrection of Carlini”

Our Pic of the Day for today is from the second of Tim’s appearances on The Greatest American Hero. The episode is “The Resurrection of Carlini,” which first aired on November 19, 1982. He portrays Blanchard, the late great magician Carlini’s former assistant, who is keeping the spirit of his boss alive in a rather creepy way.

The Resurrection of Carlini

They should have tried to get this one aired closer to Halloween; it would have fit right in! Tim was a big fan of Halloween, by the way.