Quote of the Week

It occurred to me that people who “like” Leo Gordon are probably aware of the late, great, totally bat crazy actor, Timothy Carey. In the 80’s I used to run into Carey all over town. One night he rushed up to me in a restaurant and said, “Did you know your father and I did a deodorant commercial together? It was great…ahead of its time. They never aired it.” He went on to describe the commercial. Seems he and Dad were two nasty, dirty, sweaty bad guys holed up in a swamp shack, shooting it out with a large group of lawmen outside. Totally out-gunned, the bad guys throw down their weapons and exit the shack….arms held high. The stench is so great that the lawmen all pass out cold. Later, I reported the story back to Dad who confirmed it, adding that “Carey is such a method actor I nearly passed out in the shack.” Weeks later, I reported his comment back to Carey who gave it his big “har har har” laugh. This brings me to the topic of this post: missing film footage. While film historians are busy trolling the tundra for London After Midnight or an extra 40 hours of Greed, some of us want to find the Gordon/Carey deodorant commercial. I mean, c’mon, this stuff is great.

Tara Gordon, who maintains the Facebook fan page dedicated to her father, March 2012